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Like I said you can’t use the “and” command. Looping overlays only works with THEN

If I wanted to create an illusion that cops and paramedics were arriving. What section of the animating overlays would I need to look at to rotate red cop light and blue cop light?

The rotating section.

And I can do this after the scene started? I want the lights to come in at the end of the scene then I’m fading out.

@overlay Red Cop Light rotates 0 anchor point 1 1 in 5
@overlay Blue Cop Light rotates 0 anchor point 1 1 in 5

Like this?

If you want it at the beginning of the scene then add the overlays next to the background name and then rotate the overlay. If you want it at the end or later in the scene then use the create command

Yes that’s the command

okay all I’m trying to do at this point of the scene is start red and blue lights.

All overlay names need to be in all caps

Thanks but I’m not going to write it in now. I’ll try again when I’m more versed to coding. =) Thanks.

Thanks I also need help with background actors. I want to have then talk but without the speech bubble so they are doing something but not affecting the story. If that made any sense.

Do you want them to just do a talking animation?

@CHARACTER is animation

I want one to talk and one to listen I also want another on a cell phone call but no words.

I’m attempting to make a selfie overlay, but when I go to preview the story, the overlay is nowhere to be found! Any help?

How do you zoom out and slowly zoom to the normal episode dimensions?

Use this command

Are you adding the overlay in the correct zone or are you adding the overlay to the scene correctly?

@zoom on [spot you were zoomed in on] to 100% in [time]

Okay thanks so much

:smiley: @Dara.Amarie Can i get really fast help here…