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Hi Dara,

Does the name entered by user in 1st episode remembered in the consecutive episodes? or do we have any particular script for that as well?


Unfortunately there isn’t a way to make your characters move slower. You can time their walking speed but they will still move in a regular animation speed.


Try adding a “zoom reset” at the beginning of the scene


@YOU enters from right to spot 0.795 121 193 in zone 1 at layer 0 and YOU moves to layer 0


<PREMIUM> “Gold color choice” {

} <GREEN> “Darker color choice” {



Yes it get’s remembered: A Guide to Typed-in Choices


@Dara.Amarie You are a GODDESS! So amazing! I only wish I had 1/2 your knowledge about coding so I can finally finish my 1st episode after 1 year of writing it. It will be a GRAND day when I am able to PUBLISH my story.

Thank you for your help and prompt assistance in all our questions. Oh, and THANK YOU for being patient with some of us. =)


You are very very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Dara.Amarie Hey, So I’ve created a story using all of the styles. But when I try to create a new outfit it automatically makes it in Classic. But how do I change it so that I can create new outfits for the ink style?


@Dara.Amarie that with the pause does not help :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


Hi! I am spotting this character. Is she the right size or do I need to make her smaller?


I think she’s a good size :thinking:




can you have 2 of the same overlau in one scene?


Hi I have a question? If you were to Preview your Story on your Computer or Laptop would It be the same when the Readers read it Or would I haft to Preview it on my Phone


Yes it would be the same.


Yes, you can add the overlay 2 times next to the background name


But you can only animate just 1 of those if you do it that way.

If you want to animate both overlays, use this code:

@overlay BOOK2 create from BOOK

Then the second overlay of BOOK with be BOOK2 and then you can use all the overlay codes with that.


Why is there an error?


You didn’t add a starting bracket after “Be Distracted”


You are the best!!!