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The loop command is only for overlay animations, and there isn’t a way to work around it. You have to remove the pause.

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I’m back.

I’m having two issues in one, and they might be related.

Overlay ROOM01 is a full screen overlay, so I can use a character ‘fading’ in / out.

When VILKO moves to screen two, he keeps on going behind overlay ROOM01.

Inaddition to VILKO not staying in the correct layor, the ROOM01 won’t fully disappear when I opacity it.

INT. DUMPY MOTEL ROOM - NIGHT with BLOOD02 to 1 80 68 in zone 2 at layer 11 with BLOOD06 to .082 196 228 in zone 2 at layer 11 with BLOOD03 to .01 0 0 in zone 2 at layer 0 with SHADOW10 to .01 -13 69 in zone 2 at layer 2 with SHADOW1010 to .514 -77 -45 in zone 1 at layer 0 with SHADOW11 to 1.126 17 74 in zone 1 at layer 1 with MASK02 to .730 109 380 in zone 1 at layer 5 with BLOOD10 to .01 108 368 in zone 1 at layer 15 with BLOOD1010 to .01 89 362 in zone 1 at layer 16 with ROOM01 to 1 0 0 in zone 1 at layer 10
&cut to zone 2
&MCM spot 0.840 71 141 in zone 2 AND MCM faces left AND MCM is rear AND MCM moves to layer 12 AND VILKO stands upscreen left in zone 1 AND VILKO faces right AND VILKO moves to layer 11 AND VILKO is idle_sad_loop AND HEX spot 1.146 156 62 in zone 1 AND HEX moves to layer 6 AND HEX faces right AND HEX is idle
@transition fade in 1
&overlay SHADOW10 opacity .2 in 2.5 THEN overlay SHADOW10 opacity 1 in 3.5 loop INFINITE times
&overlay SHADOW1010 opacity 1 in 1 THEN overlay SHADOW1010 opacity .4 in 3 loop INFINITE times
&overlay SHADOW11 opacity 0 in 5 THEN overlay SHADOW11 opacity .7 in 1.5 loop INFINITE times

(Karen's blood is still moist.)
(Just by the sight of his blood, the nerves in my hands pulse as if his blood was still in my hands.)

&cut to zone 1

    VILKO (talk_sad)
Do you need a moment?

&cut to zone 2


. . .

“Have Vilko watch the door”{
readerMessage You chose ‘Have Vilko watch the door’
gain episode1_WATCH

    MCM (talk_neutral)
Could you watch the door Vilko?

&cut to zone 1

    VILKO (talk_handsonhips_neutral)

&VILKO faces left
&cut to zone 2
@MCM walks to spot 0.723 188 241 in 2
@MCM faces right AND MCM is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop
@MCM is standup_neutral
@add Spell Book Open Grey Black to MCM
@MCM is read_book_open_neutral_loop
&zoom on 548 266 to 243% in 2
&overlay ROOM01 clear

    MCM (read_book_open_neutral_loop)
(| italic |I dedicate this book to myself.| reset |)
(Who dedicates a book to themselves?)

&zoom on 496 266 to 243% in 3
@MCM faces left

    MCM (read_book_open_neutral_loop)
(Karen booked marked a few pages.)

    MCM (read_paper_neutral)
(This book talks about dreams Adele was having . . . people dying.)
(Decapitation, piano falling on a guy. I've had all these dreams to.)

    MCM (read_book_open_neutral_loop)
(| italic |I didn't learn until it was to late, that these deaths were in fact me.| reset |)
(| italic |Dying, and dying. Over and over again. It's almost as if a | bold , animation:shuffle-sideways |dark | reset , italic | monster was haunting me each and every time. | reset |)
(| italic |I called this monster Ciar, which means dark. | reset |)

&VILKO faces right
&zoom reset
@remove Spell Book Open Grey Black from MCM
@MCM is react_gasp_dismayed AND HEX faces right AND HEX is idle
@pan to zone 1
&overlay BLOOD10 scales to .082 .082 in zone 1 in 0 AND overlay BLOOD1010 scales to .1 .1 in zone 1 in 0 AND overlay MASK02 moves to layer 18

[MCM] . . . I'm sorry -

goto end_male_1
}“Have Vilko come search with you”{
readerMessage You chose ‘Have Vilko come search with you’
gain episode1_SEARCH

    MCM (talk_neutral)
Vilko, can you search for the book with me?

&cut to zone 1

    VILKO (talk_smile_happy_loop)

@pan to zone 2
&overlay ROOM01 opacity 0 in 4
@VILKO walks to back right in zone 2 AND MCM spot 0.840 109 193 in zone 2 AND MCM is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop AND MCM faces left THEN VILKO spot 0.840 164 236 in zone 2 AND VILKO moves to layer 16 AND VILKO is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop
@VILKO is standup_neutral
@add Spell Book Open Grey Black to VILKO

    VILKO (talk_read_book_open_neutral_loop)
This is it.

&MCM is standup_neutral

    VILKO (talk_read_paper_neutral)
It looks like Karen annotated some of it.
This Adele person is just like you, she wrote about nightmares she was having.
All relating to death.

    VILKO (talk_read_book_open_neutral_loop)
Wait, [MCM], I think you told me about these deaths.
Didn't you have one about a piano falling on a guy?

    MCM (talk_repulsed)
Yes -

    VILKO (talk_read_paper_neutral)
- And one about Decapitation.

readerMessage Because of your choice ‘Have Vilko search with you’, you did not learn as much as you could have.

    MCM (talk_unsure)
That's - that's crazy!
She was having the same dreams as me!

sound creepy_ghoul_sounds
@VILKO is shush_neutral AND MCM is idle_terrified_loop

    VILKO (talk_unsure)
*Did you hear that?*

    MCM (talk_unsure)
*Yes, what was that?*

&overlay ROOM01 opacity 0 in 4
@MCM is search_neutral AND VILKO is think_rubchin

#quick staggered zoom.
goto end_male_1

Thank you! :grin:

Tappable overlays? Do you have any info on that?

Do you have a video of what’s happening?

That it’s still in beta testing which means that the codes can change at anytime and it may cause glitches, but here’s a guide anyways: A Basic Guide to Tappable Overlays

Thanks! And do you know how to allow readers to scroll like in Telovaki?

It’s in the guide

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Thanks! Happy anniversary!

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thank you :grin:

hey guys so i was using this overlay called ROYAL BALCONY but i don’t know how to let the character enter inside the balchony just like in the story hot sexy teenagers please help me i tried everything

OMG where did you get the blood?

@Dara.Amarie, I have (?). How can I make colored choices?
And also, how can I highlight words in dialogue?

Dear Dara,
How do I make the scene from Cameron Dallas where when you are texting another person the speech bubbles ping when a message is received and sent. Also how do I put the text on the speechbubble :wink:
Thank you.

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You have to spot direct the character offscreen to make the character small enough to be in the balcony, then make the character walk to spot onscreen:
1- Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)
2- Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

<PREMIUM> “This choice button will be GOLD” {

} <GREEN> “This choice button will be a DARKER color” {


Use text effects for dialogue: Text effects help

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You’d have to create a choice to ask your readers which overlay best matches their skin color. (you can do this after the customization template)

label hand_overlay

Which skin tone best matches your own?

choice (SKIN_PHONE)
“Skin 1” {
@pause for 3

} “Skin 2” {
@pause for 3

} “Skin 3” {
@pause for 3

} “Skin 4” {
@pause for 3

} “Skin 5” {
@pause for 3

} “Skin 6” {
@pause for 3

Is this your skin tone?
“Yes” {
} “No, let me see the others” {
goto hand_overlay

Then to remember which overlay was chosen, use the “choice name and option method” here: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

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Each text bubble is an overlay, which means you have to upload and animate each individual text overlay to make it appear on the phone.

So, I uploaded overlays and NONE of them appear. When I move them around on the bottom it does say that the overlay was created, but theyre like invisible. I’ve tried both doing the BACKGROUND - with OVERLAY and the @overlay OVERLAY create but none of them work. Help?