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For gains, go here: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

For the points system, go here: The Points System

Music continues to play from the last episode if you did not turn off the music at the end of that episode, and that is why you hear music playing during the screen to start the next episode.

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I’m a bit late, but

I think the best thing to do is a

IF (skincolor = x) {} and for each one put a different overlay

The problem with doing this is that in order to remember the skin color, you can only use gains and not the (choicename is “Choice Option”) method. But with gains you’d have to add a yes/no choice inside each skin option and put a gain inside the yes choices which gets pretty messy and will annoy readers when choosing skin colors. But then again even that won’t work because what if a reader wants to go back (after choosing) and change their skin color, then they’d be gaining multiple gains. So that’s why you can’t use those selfie overlays if you have readers customize their characters.

Ah, thank you so much! Xx

Hi again, I’m needing help with overlays, :slight_smile:

So I’m wondering how to place overlays because the directing helper tells you how to shift it but not put it there from the start.

@overlay DESK SCIENCE shifts to -26 81
@overlay DESK SCIENCE scales to 0.658 0.658

How would I put the overlay there from the start, so it doesn’t move?


@overlay DESK SCIENCE shifts to -26 81
-26 81 is x y

@overlay DESK SCIENCE scales to 0.658 0.658
0.658 is the scale size

If you want to place the overlay by adding it to the background name, the code looks like this:
BACKGROUND NAME with OVERLAY to [scale] x y




@EpisodeAfra @Dara.Amarie
Thank you both! xx

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Can you teach us how to make choices that cost diamonds or if you can’t make diamond choices can you make that possible? And can you teach us how, once you make it possible?

Place her right next to the main twin while your testing that part out. When you’re done testing place her offscreen again

Diamond choices are only for Episode originals, featured stories, or authors who are on the payment program.

If the twin originally looks exactly like the MC before the customization, then they will still look the same even if readers don’t click on all options. So if a reader doesn’t choose a face shape, then the MC’s and twin’s face shape will stay the same.

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Welcome! :blush:

Hey, I’m new here and I have 2 questions
1.How to make character’s speeech bubble look like narrator’s?
2.How to add text effects to story?

To make a character’s speech bubble look like the narrator’s, you’d would use NARRATOR with the character’s name next to it inside parentheses like this:


But this only works with characters with just one name. It won’t work if your character has a 2 part name or has spaces in the name. So NARRATOR (MR SMITH) will not work.

In the script on the right underneath the behaviors list, there is a list of text effects you can use. To add them, just put them inside these straight brackets | | right before the text you want to have effects

|bold| I hate you!


Thank you!you can’t imagine how much time I spent searching for answers : )

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That worked perfectly! Thanks so much

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Hi Dara, I need some more help, :frowning:

I’m doing a science explosion scene in my story but it’s not really working properly.

@CHRISTOPHER starts startled_surprised and ISABELLA starts shocked
sound explosion_small
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE create
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE shifts to 0.397 -383 122
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE opacity 1
music alarm2
@cut to zone 1
@zoom on 253 210 to 273% in 0

    KORSMAN (talk_call_out)

So it does the animations and the explosion noise then stops and freezes. It doesn’t create the overlays but just plays the alarm.

How do I get the overlay to show and how do I stop it from basically stopping?

Thank you xox

You have to also add in the scales command for the overlay.

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Thank you. xox

You’re welcome :blush:

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