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You choose the layer number : )

okay , can you give me an example of the caption i am going to write please ?

Hi. I am having a issue with my script. There are two characters and both of them are popping out of the scene when I just want their position to stay still itself. Can @Dara.Amarie or anyone help me with this script. (I separate the @ just in case no username will be connect to this)

@ set hsl 0 -100 0 no_colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100%

readerMessage Turn up your volume!

@ cut to zone 3

@ zoom on 699 509 to 223% in 5

sound ambient_crickets
volume sound 9 0

@ speechbubble is 166 199 to 89%

Everyone knows or think that most homes are full with love, happiness, peace and nothing more.

But is that really all the truth?


It's far more then that.

@ LORETTA changes into Old Casual Black and White
@ LORETTA changes hair into High Ponytail

@ AUNT VIVIAN changes into MOTHER_default

sound off

@ transition fade out white 5

music music_emotionalstringpop
volume sound 7 14

@ cut to zone 3

@ speechbubble is 160 398 to 89%

Underneath of every hidden masks are some homes are full with pain, loneliness and abandonment.

@ zoom on 699 509 to 104% in 4

@ pan to zone 2

@ pan to zone 1

readerMessage 15 Years Ago
readerMessage Time - 10:00 at night

@ AUNT VIVIAN spot 1.184 82 91 in zone 1 AND AUNT VIVIAN faces left
@ AUNT VIVIAN starts dustoff_loop

@ LORETTA spot 0.662 194 177 in zone 1 AND LORETTA faces left AND LORETTA is idle_sit_ankles_crossed
@ LORETTA is stand_up

@ LORETTA walks to spot 0.762 225 108 in 3 AND LORETTA faces left
@ LORETTA is think

#Remind Cannie to show and describe how pain, loneliness and abandonment all started

Can you make one of those for me? I tried this one, and it just gave me error after error. I worked on it for over an hour, and I still can’t fix it. It’s just an orb spinning in a circle.

Picture not available

@overlay 5396360876654592_ORB2 shifts to 219 264
@overlay 5396360876654592_ORB2 scales to 0.615 0.615

Hi @Dara.Amarie i need help with a scene between a staff and a ghost and i want to have a reflection between the staff and the ghost, can you help me with that

Something like this

What do you mean by reflection? A reflection of the staff? Or to have the character become transparent?

  • For the reflection, you’ll need to upload a new overlay: the staff but a reversed version (like having it flip horizontally) then move it around in your scene and adjust the opacity
    @overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity % in #

  • If you want your character to become transparent, chack out @Dara.Amarie 's thread here
    How to "FADE" Characters

the ghost is going to look at the staff when it’s appear

Ill Try That. Thank You!

The web previewer gets glitchy at times and creates a weird error code on top of the previewer but this is usually solved by refreshing the page or restarting the browser you’re using. You should be able to test this in the app. If it’s not letting you then the only reason why you wouldn’t be able to test this in the app is if it’s telling you you have an error in your script. If you don’t have an error (meaning there isn’t a red error message on the left with a red x in your script), then you can test this out in the app.

You would need the counter to be an overlay if you want your character behind it.

What do you mean by this? Can you explain a bit more?

Okay. My mistake I explained it wrong. I have AUNT VIVIAN in zone 1 which her spot position stay still perfectly instead of popping in the screen every time when is pan to zone 2 and pan to zone 1 but for LORETTA in zone 1 one as well I want her siting in the couch but when it pan to zone 2 and 1 she automatically pop there instead of actually staying in the couch sitting. I don’t know if I’m explaining it better but yeah.

So you want them to already be in their spots doing their animations before you pan to the zone?

Yes, exactly and there is another animation from Loretta which is

@LORETTA is stand_up
@LORETTA walks to spot 0.808 225 108 in 3 AND LORETTA faces left
@LORETTA is think

that I don’t want it to start yet until pan to the zone is finish. Because it happen and it made the character only stand_up but not let the character walks to the spot position. It’s hard to explain (basically the character legs were not moving. The whole body were moving instead of walking)

You need to place your characters at the beginning of the scene before you pan to the zone. Use the & sign not the @ sign.

&CHARACTER1 [spot] and CHARACTER1 faces [direction] and CHARACTER1 is [animation]
&CHARACTER2 [spot] and CHARACTER2 faces [direction] and CHARACTER2 is [animation]


Okay, I’ll do that. Thanks!

hi Dara! Me again lmao
I’m trying to create overlays and i’ve checked out your thread but they still dont appear.
this is the script:

@overlay OLSCEN1 create
@overlay OLSCEN1 opacity 1 in 0
@overlay OLSCEN1 shifts to -12 -129 in zone 2 in 0
@overlay OLSCEN1 scales to 0.449 0.449 in 0
@overlay OLSCEN1 clear
@overlay OLSCEN2 create
@overlay OLSCEN2 opacity 1 in 0
@overlay OLSCEN2 shifts to -12 129 in zone 2 in 0
@overlay OLSCEN2 scales to 0.449 0.449
@overlay OLSCEN2 clear

Because you’re clearing them. This command removes the overlay.

Thank you, shouldve thought about that

Hiya, I need some help with choices, this is my first story so I am still very confused.


Here is the full choices thing from the start.


“christian_girlfriend” {

Trouble in Paradise?

Wouldn't that make you happy?

} “Oh, I liked her.” {

I liked her!

I didn't.


choice (christian_girlfriend)
"Is it because of me?" {

Is it because of your undying obsession with me?

Ah yes, I have always loved you Ella!

} “I knew it wouldn’t last”{

Of course it didn't last, nothing ever does with you. 

} “She never did fit in” {

She doesn't fit in with our crowd anyway. 

I suppose so. 


if (christian_girlfriend is “Oh, I liked her.”) {

Yeah, I was trying to be nice. 

No you weren't, I can see right through you. 

} elif (christian_girlfriend is “Is it because of me?”) {

Quit joking around Christian!

} else {

Well at least now you are a bachelor!