Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

help please, “Jayden” enters from behind 2 characters in the back, ive tried everything i know.

Damn, that is a lot. 20 DM’s and over 100 notifications on here is too much to even handle. I mean, I can’t handle that but overall you’re doing an amazing job by taking your times to help each and everyone else.

Although there is other helps they can get by reading the guide, going on YouTube (Joseph Evans) or people Instagram (google drive) that have templates, directing, coding, etc that they need to each take their time to read it thoroughly. It’s hard which I can understand them. But once again, thanks for the help and what you’ve done for everyone.

Hi, I’m struggling with getting my characters on screen…
I need 8 people in the mall, and I have some trouble to put them in a right place.
Also the walking afterwards isn’t really smooth.
Can you help?

hi i was wondering if you know how to get the zoom to start from the bottom of a character and an up to there head x

1- Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)
2- Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

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Hi can I request a overlay?

This is not a overlays requests. Unless you’re asking for help in your overlay script.


Do you know anywhere that I can get overlays?

Check the Art Resources section.


Free Art Request Thread- Watermarks, Covers, Splashes, Backgrounds, Overlays, and More!:

Art Resources - Episode Forums


Thank u

Hi Dara, I wanted to ask if you have any made a topic explaining gains or if you can suggest me one? This isn’t really a script error, but I have trouble understanding them and your help would be very useful to me… Thanks for taking your time to read this!

Thanks, I will check it out!

Hey I was wondering how to do white or red flashes

Those are transitions: What transitions are there?

The white flashing ? I don’t know that’s why i asked you