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Thank u

Hi Dara, I wanted to ask if you have any made a topic explaining gains or if you can suggest me one? This isn’t really a script error, but I have trouble understanding them and your help would be very useful to me… Thanks for taking your time to read this!

Thanks, I will check it out!

Hey I was wondering how to do white or red flashes

Those are transitions: What transitions are there?

The white flashing ? I don’t know that’s why i asked you

I’m telling you that they are transitions. Click on the link I provided and it will tell you what transitions there are.

Oh sorry

So i was wondering how to make a character walk somewhere else on the screen facing the way they are walking then to turn them back around

Just make them walk wherever you want them to walk. They will already be facing the direction in which they’re walking. Then after the walking command, have them face the direction you want them to face.

@CHARACTER walks to [position]
@CHARACTER face left/right

I need some help with this

If you want a character to do an animtion without talking it looks like this: @CHARACTER is animation

CHARACTER (animation) is only used for dialogue.

Also, the “s” in sound needs to be lower case on line 98

It now says this

Heyo! Do you have a template that only has Skintone, Lip, and Hairstyle? Thanks!

it should be @AYLA is dustoff_loop

The word animation is suppose to be replaced with the actual animation name, and don’t wrap parentheses around it.

@AYLA is dustoff_loop