Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

Can you help with the last two lines on this picture? It says there is an error. I have tried multiple times to fix it.

You can’t add “in zone #” to an enters command. You’ll have to cut to zone 3 first then have your character enter.

You also cannot have 2 “changes into” commands on the same line. They need to be on separate lines.

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Ah okay, Thank you very much!

what am I doing wrong? :no_mouth:

Is there anyone free to code?

You will have to fix your gain names.

If you’re looking for a coder, you should post in the Find a Writing Partner section.

I’m new here so this is probably a very easy problem to fix.
I want my characters to be walking down a street for a long time, so I chose the background “EXT. OUTDOOR STREET LOOP - DAY”. However, when I watch the preview, the background does not move and the characters are just walking in place. How do I make it so that the background moves while the characters are walking?

Unfortunately, that loop background has not worked for years now. You’ll have to find another looping background to use.

That’s too bad, thank you though!

How do you make a character walk backwards?
Like I have this;

&YOUNG KESY faces left AND YOUNG KESY walks to spot 0.318 306 342 in 2

but on the previewer it doesn’t show it like that.

I accidently stumbled upon how to do it by using this technique. I don’t think it works with & symbol.
@YOUNG KESY walks to spot 0.318 306 in 2 and YOUNG KESY faces left

The walking command goes first. & or @ works.

&YOUNG KESY walks to spot 0.318 306 342 in 2 and YOUNG KESY faces left


Aye Dara.

I tried to use a script template for my characters to be face to face for some reason they are rear before they talk.
Even when I make them turn faces left or right.

For exemples:

@ASSIA spot 2.680 80 -663 in zone 1 at layer -1 AND ASSIA faces right
@CALYPSO spot 2.680 255 -663 in zone 3 at layer -1 AND CALYPSO faces left
@ASSIA spot 2.680 80 -663 in zone 1 at layer -1 AND ASSIA faces right

Have you tried adding the AND CHAR starts idle command to them? :thinking:

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Yup. Still going cray cray

Actually it’s worst when I do that. The char starts shaking like they have a bad diarrhoea

I noticed they’re both in different zones (but maybe that was intentional)

You have written ASSIA twice with the same coordinates- remove the second one with her : )

It’s because I have to in my script.

I changed the camera POV then I changed it again so I have to put the same spot several times

Oh my bad…:sweat_smile:

You can also try CHAR is idle for all of them :thinking:

Maybe even switch out @ with &

It’s all about experimentation :smile: