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Hi Dara, I need some more help, :frowning:

I’m doing a science explosion scene in my story but it’s not really working properly.

@CHRISTOPHER starts startled_surprised and ISABELLA starts shocked
sound explosion_small
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE create
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE shifts to 0.397 -383 122
@overlay EFFECT SMOKE opacity 1
music alarm2
@cut to zone 1
@zoom on 253 210 to 273% in 0

    KORSMAN (talk_call_out)

So it does the animations and the explosion noise then stops and freezes. It doesn’t create the overlays but just plays the alarm.

How do I get the overlay to show and how do I stop it from basically stopping?

Thank you xox

You have to also add in the scales command for the overlay.

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Thank you. xox

You’re welcome :blush:

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Hey How do you use gains for choices?

This guide will help you out!

HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

Okay… I’m a little confused though… if I have


And the player chooses #1 how would I get it to be like


And so on…

Are you asking how to eliminate choices once theyve been chosen?

Oh well yeah

Here ya go!

Thank you sorry I took so long :smiley::relaxed:

How do you start an episode off with a choice. I want my readers to make a choice and then the choice has a consequence. But there are two different consequences. How can I make the next episode start where the last episode stopped off.

Are you asking how to remember a choice from a previous episode? Or how to start the episode with just a choice?

How to start an episode with the choice they choose from the previous episode still in action

Choice " Hit him" {

@CHARACTER is slapface_give_angry

} "Don’t hit him " {
@CHARACTER exits right



The reader either hit him or not in the previous episode
So how do I make sure the reader will continue off from where they ended last episode

This will help you

Hi, So i have this problem that whenever i write this:
@SALLY enters from left to screen left AND DAMON enters from right to screen right
@SALLY is idle_sad AND SALLY faces left AND DAMON is talk_sad_clutch
@SALLY stands screen center AND SALLY faces left AND SALLY is idle_sad
@DAMON stands upscreen left AND DAMON faces left
@DAMON spot 1.280 218 17 in zone 1
@SALLY spot 1.280 63 -41 in zone 1
It does not automatically place characters there.
Why does this happen?

@DAMON spot 1.280 218 17 in zone 1
@SALLY spot 1.280 63 -41 in zone 1

You want them placed at these spots right away?

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Yes, I do

You have to place them at the very beginning of the scene before anything else then. And if you just want them at those spots without entering, get rid of all those other “enters from left” and “stands screen center” commands.

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Okay, thank you