Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

One of the hardest things is spotting kids, I don’t know how to set it out but I did spot the it but nothing changed

can you tell me how to start my own forum i cant figure it out @Dara.Amarie

If you’re talking about starting a new thread/topic, then all you have to do is just click on + New Topic in the top right corner of whichever section you want to post in.

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:open_mouth: Dara you’re back!

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I really need help with the coding to have a character enter a scene at a certain height. Help!
Pls&Thx :slight_smile:

Also tagging @Gabby.x

Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)
Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

@Dara.Amarie, How do you use the same overlay twice?

hi I need help finding an animation I have seen in many stories but can’t seem to find

Can you describe the animation and is it INK or LL?

I don’t know if I am right here…if not - I am sorry :see_no_evil:

I have a situation where I cut into a scene and wants three characters to be in there already.
But not standing but sitting…

Like I wrote it now, one character “enters” after another…but I do not want it like that because it looks weird :frowning:

Is there a chance to correct this?

Thank you in advance!

Place all your characters at the very beginning of the scene before the transition command and use the & sign instead of the @ sign.

&CHAR spot ------- AND CHAR faces left/right AND CHAR is animation
&CHAR spot ------- AND CHAR faces left/right AND CHAR is animation
&CHAR spot ------- AND CHAR faces left/right AND CHAR is animation
@cut to zone #

thanks i couldnt figure it out

Hello Guys!!!
Wait, where am I?
@YOU walks to screen center
That’s better
YOU (talk_excited_happy)
We are going to have so much fun!!!
YOU (talk_pointup_pretentious)
YOU (talk_primp_neutral)
As you know my stories are flawless because I’m a natural :wink:
YOU (bow_happy)
YOU (talk_neutral_atcamera_loop)
Anyways as you can tell this is my first story, so haters, BYE FELICIA
Does not work it says it has a error for characters?!?

You need a period or exlamation point (or any other ending punctuation) when you have dialogue that is in all CAPS.

It is an ink animation
Where the character stands with their eyes wide, like they are shocked

Dara, I have to say this… YOUR A GODDESS. I love you!


Thank you thousand times! :slight_smile:


You’re looking for the end of the flirt_fingersnap animation. To acheive this, you can do one of these 2 things:
1- Focus/zoom on a spot that is not your character and have your character do the flirt_fingersnap animation. Wait a second or 2 then focus back to your character and they will be in the last position of that animation.
2- Create a duplicate character and place the duplicate character offscreen somewhere and make them play out the animation first. Then switch out the main character with the duplicate.

i’m a noob -_-