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hi would i be able to grab a script template on how to do a mirror scene where it has the faded character reflection in the mirror please
and can i also have your help with how to have a character in front of overlays


That’s probably not the best approach. What I do is that I focus on another character and then start the behavior and after some time, refocus on the MC and they should have the desired face by then


And i need someone to teach me how we the weird face end of flirt_fingersnap animation
anyone can give me example


I am trying to do some spot work on a scene, but when I try to move around characters, I only see boxes made of hyphens. What do I need to do? Is there some way I can actually see my characters, so I can, y’know, set up my scenes?



Read these posts for the mirror reflection:
1- Mirror Reflection
2- Help with Mirror Reflection

To have a character in front of an overlay, you need to put the character at a higher layer than the overlay. Some helpful threads:
1- HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers
2- A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS


Try refreshing the page if your using the web previewer or restart the app.


what’s wrong here??


You need to change FEMALEAVATAR to your character’s name.

Also on that thread:


thank you


it wont give me the wired look animation what did i do wrong here


what should i do?
please helppp


would i be able to grab an over the shoulder scene script template if possible please
Your thread is so much help thank you



You didn’t do this at all…


i have a question if i want to add lyrics of a song in my story can i do it? thanks



Thank you so much


Ok so I want to make a preview video of my story and I saw this one person has this awesome video of her story who should I contact to get a awesome looking video preview of my story


Here is the link to show what I mean