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Why sometimes we put “THEN” in the script?

This website will help you out

it has free script templates as well as tutorial videos

Hey Dara, I have a scene where one character brings the other coffee. The first walks in carrying it to give it to the second character. It adds the cup to the first character just fine but when I go to add it to the second it doesn’t show.

This is my script:
@add Coffee Cup to WESLEY
@speechbubble is 195 196 to 100% with tail_top_left
@JESSE is talk_phone_neutral_loop
WESLEY (talk_hold_drink)
Hey baby doll, brought you coffee.
@KYLA is take_item_grateful
@add Coffee Cup to KYLA
@remove Coffee Cup from WESLEY
&WESLEY is idle
@speechbubble is 143 184 to 100% with tail_top_right
KYLA (talk_hold_drink)
You’re the only good in my life.

Everything in the script works with the exception of her holding the coffee cup. Any ideas?

set format cinematic

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Hey this might sound bad since everyone can do choices but I’m new to it
Do you have like a script for doing a 2 basic choice
Like 2 choices


“Option 1” {

script goes here for option 1

} “Option 2” {

script goes here for option 2


Test this out in the app. The coffee cup prop sometimes doesn’t show up in the web previewer especially with female characters.

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Thx xx

It’s not working lol

Use need to use quotation marks " " around the option names, not those weird symbols.

I use this but it changes

I guess it’s your mobile device that’s causing that. Try copying and pasting in a quotation mark. If it doesn’t work then there isn’t anything I can say to fix it since it’s a problem with the device your working on.

Thx anyway lol I’ll try it

Sorry to butt in, but it’s because your keyboard is set to French.
Those are French quotes, so just change your phone’s keyboard back to English and it’ll be normal again.

Omg yes lol thx

Does anyone know how to change the hair and makeup back to normal after the scene with hair and lipstick change

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Thank You, I dont understand though