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Me too ughh im looking for it in limelight

Is it your own background that you uploaded yourself? If so, you cannot manually loop a background. You’d have to upload it as an overlay and loop the overlay.



Yes, I’ll upload it as an overlay then. But what is the code that I need to use to loop an overlay?


hi i was wondering if you could tell me how to have a character speak while they exit the scene

I’ve submitted a ticket now, since the background was still black. How do you know when they’re answered, or what happens after you do it?

They will reply back to you in an email.

Make them exit while they have dialogue by using the & sign

&CHARACTER exits left/right

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Thank you.


I originally posted about something else, but I since figured it out. However, I need help with this now:

Basically I have a button overlay and then an overlay of the button pressed down. My button overlay is working however, when I go to change it to the down pressed button the new overlay doesn’t show?

label father_hit_button_1
@pan to zone 1
&zoom on 320 314 to 192% in 2
What do you want to do?
choice “Press This Button”{

    PRESIDENT GREEN (think_rubchin)
(Here we go...)

&PRESIDENT GREEN is pickup_paper_neutral
@pause for a beat
@overlay REDBUTTONPRESSED create
@overlay REDBUTTONPRESSED shifts to 273 274 in zone 1
@overlay REDBUTTONPRESSED scales to 0.356 0.356
@overlay REDBUTTONPRESSED moves to layer -2
sound alarm_loud
PRESIDENT GREEN (talk_confused_mindblown)
Sorry love, that’s the security alarm!

PRESIDENT GREEN (talk_afraid)
Let’s try another button shall we?

choice “Retry Another Button.” {
sound off
PRESIDENT GREEN (talk_shrug_concerned)
Let’s turn that one off.

goto father_hit_the_button



I didn’t want to make a post about this but do you know how to make one sound more quiet than the others?

Do you have a script template on letting the reader choose the LI’s gender?

OMG I’m an idiot, it was in the OP :tired_face:

Actually this is a dumber question but in the template, how do we script a confirmation of the gender the reader selects (in case people misclick). Or if you have the script?

I’m somehow still hazy on doing “yes” or “nos” because each time I tried, errors such as “there needs to be a matching line blah blah” and all.

how do you do music off twice without them interfering

    KARA XENO (idle_lay_groggy_neutral_loop)
( Im so sleepy and ow)
( I wonder how long was i out)

Excatly 5 hours

Oh thank you
Wait your still hear great
Well night

@transition fade out black 2

music off


music harp_dreamsequence

@KARA XENO stands screen center

@KARA XENO changes into Frost school

@transition fade in black 2

music off

music ext_peopletalking

Here’s my script

So when the player is customizing the character how do i get them to choose a different color for the hair

So what would I put? I created him in the characters section and then added him to the story (from what you can see in the screenshots that’s all I’ve done with him).

hey Dara! I need help with overlays…
So, I wrote:

**INT. ENCHANTED UNDERWATER CAVE with MAGICBALL to 50 209 268 in zone 2 **

&MIA spot 0.861 209 268 in zone 2 AND MIA is sing_ballad_subtle_serious_loop
&pan to zone 2
readerMessage Overlay created by clarkie.eps
&overlay MAGICBALL rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 1

and the script is saying that i have an error, “Invalid slots”
What does this mean? Have I done something wrong?

thank you in advance,

Do you know how i can have it were my character grabs and pulls another character by the hand

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