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Just want to make sure you see my reply. I know you said you’ll be busy, just want to make sure! @Dara.Amarie


How do you change the opacity of an overlay?


hi i was wondering how do you add an overlay to the very end of your scene


You’d have to change the choice to this:

label choose_date

Which sex do you prefer to date?

“Male” {
Are you sure you want to date males?
“Yes” {
gain date_male
goto date_male_story
}“No” {
goto choose_date

} “Female” {
Are you sure you want to date females?
“Yes” {
gain date_female
goto date_female_story
}“No” {
goto choose_date



You have 3 numbers here. Is “50” suppose to be the scale size?


Use the create command



Use any of the drink animations with the cup prop: A Complete List of Props and How to Use Them (Hidden Props Also!)


Make sure that the volume is up in your script


What does your script look like now?


Hi, I’m trying to get a character to run on the screen to a certain spot


@CHARACTER enters from [left/right] to spot % x y and CHARACTER does it while [running animation]

Or place your character at a spot offscreeen if you want them to enter in a specific scale size

@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone #
@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in [time] and CHARACTER does it while [running animation]

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I been working on my story non stop for weeks and months and I am having so much trouble with the editing and nothing is working and in need of professional help so I can finally get this story of my publish so my friends can read it in need of a partner help Please… :pensive::cry::pleading_face:


You can find someone to help you in the Find a Writing Partner section of the forums.


Thank you


Thank you :slight_smile:


I’ve tried everything i could to get the girl in green behind the door :disappointed_relieved:


Are you trying to get NIKKIE to walk behind the door? Is she the blonde? You need to change her layer after she walks just like I mentioned before.

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Yes Nikkie is the blond and yes I want to get her behind the door.

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That’s what I did but she just exits the screen then disappears behind the door to that layer I set her too…