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Where can I find the most updated character customization (i figured if anyone knows it would be someone here)

Hey Dara
Thanks for the help last time xx I love you so much omg

I have another problem now. How I I bring characters forward.
Eg. I want the girl in the front (CHARMAGNE) to be behind the blonde girl her legs are infront of (BACKGROUND1)


Here’s the script
&NATASHA spot 0.848 322 186 in zone 1
&NATASHA starts talk_apathetic
&MAX spot 0.866 240 187 in zone 1
&MAX faces right
&MAX starts talk_neutral
&RIA spot 0.326 184 345 in zone 2
&RIA is talk_argue_defensive
&ELLE spot 0.344 108 340 in zone 2
&ELLE faces right
&ELLE is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
&BACKGROUND1 spot 1.883 149 -599 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND1 is talk_explain_neutral AND BACKGROUND1 faces right
&LIELLE stands screen center in zone 3
&LIELLE is talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop
&LIELLE faces right
&LANA stands screen right in zone 3
&LANA faces left
&LANA is talk_neutral_loop
@cut to zone 1
@pan to zone 3
@pause for a beat

@cut to zone 1
@CHARMAGNE stands screen left AND CHARMAGNE faces right AND MARILYN stands screen center AND MARILYN faces right AND MARILYN starts think_rubchin
CHARMAGNE (talk_think_neutral)
There’s a lot of people in here already.

@MARILYN faces left

    MARILYN (talk_shrug_neutral)
You are the princess of the kingdom.

    MARILYN (talk_excited_happy)
This is going to be one of the most important events of the century!

@MARILYN starts admire_happy

    CHARMAGNE (talk_neutral)
When you put it that way

    CHARMAGNE (talk_smile_happy_loop)
I guess it does make sense for people outside the royal staff to be here this early

@follow CHARMAGNE to screen center in zone 2 AND CHARMAGNE is walk_neutral

sry so late thx a lot!

Hi Dara! I need a little help with character customization in my story.

I’m trying to put customization for the main character & the love interest BUT I also wanted to have art scenes of the characters with their original looks.

How do I code customization that practically says “if you change the looks of the characters, you will NOT have the special art scenes.”

But I want to have the art scenes for the readers that keep the original looks.

or is too complicated to code? Thank you! :slight_smile:

You’d make a choice that asks if they want to customize or not, then inside the “No” option, add a gain.

Do you want to customize this character? You will not be able to see the special art scenes if you do.

“Yes, I want to customize” {
goto customize_char
} “No, I want to see the art scenes.” {
gain dont_custom
goto after_customize

label customize_char
@pause for 0

label after_customize

Then later for the special art scenes, you would use the if/else with the gain.

if (dont_custom) {

} else {

You need to use layers to layer your characters: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

If you read my original post in this thread, you will find all my guides and templates: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

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Oh my gosh, you’re a lifesaver! Thank you so so much, Dara! :slight_smile:

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Sorry I asked, I found it right after, Thank you so so much for making these!!!

Maybe try reuploading those overlays, then see if they will work

That’s great that you fixed it! Sorry, yours was a bit complicated so I was going to wait until after thanksgiving to figure yours out. But glad it’s resolved now!

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What does your script look like now? And are you getting any errors? What about it isn’t working well for you?

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Is there a code that would take away the nose and eyebrows of a character. I can’t figure out how to take it away or if it is possible.

But can I put it into the script in any way? (I need this for a temporary moment rather than all of the time)

That’s alright. I tried those before I came here but otherwise I’m as lost as you. Thanks for trying to help though it is appreciated.

There is no code. You will have to make a copy of the character without the nose and eyebrows.

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Thank you!

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Hi , um well in my story, there is a scene where there is an overlay and there is the “EFFECT DIM 60” but when I preview the story the overlay appears with his original colour and when I “update the script” the overlay become with the EFFECT DIM 60.
When I will post my story will my overlay be with his orignal colour or it will be the effect ?

How would I allow readers to choose their gender, customize their character, and let them continue playing as that gender in future episodes? Thanks in advance!!