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Hi , um well in my story, there is a scene where there is an overlay and there is the “EFFECT DIM 60” but when I preview the story the overlay appears with his original colour and when I “update the script” the overlay become with the EFFECT DIM 60.
When I will post my story will my overlay be with his orignal colour or it will be the effect ?

How would I allow readers to choose their gender, customize their character, and let them continue playing as that gender in future episodes? Thanks in advance!!

What does your coding look like?

Check my templates in my original post in this thread.

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You will need to layer your overlays: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

okay thanks

I need help with overlays. Could you help me :persevere:please

when it comes on screen it looks like this
These backgrounds are from Alexa_episode
I did scale and shift it. I don’t want the reader to see that. Only this
Do you know how I can fix it?

I tried to use your information you gave about overlays but this is still occurring :frowning:

Hey, @Dara.Amarie I’m having trouble with my script.
@YOUNG AZALYN spot 0.592 14 484 in zone 2
@YOUNG AZALYN is talk_neutral_lay_exhausted
@pan to zone 2
@zoom on 540 339 to 356% in 5
AZALYN (talk_neutral_lay_exhausted)
What is happening?
AZALYN (talk_neutral_lay_exhausted)
AZALYN (talk_neutral_lay_exhausted)
My talking animations aren’t working.
Please help.

I am using a TV SCREEN overlay and I was wondering how do I project something like a news reporter on the screen.

Can you give me the code for it ?

I have an issue where i want my character to come on but after she talks, it’s a message from the narrator and it’s not working… i’ll put up a pic right away so you can see!

Hi Dara. Im using the points system but it’s really confusing me.

So I have 3 timed choices and for every choice that u click on that’s wrong u get a mess up point by +1. I was trying to use the if elif thing where if the char has 2 mess up points or more, they get knocked out but if they don’t they hide from danger.

but i’m not sure how to do this. i tried placing this code just before the 3rd choice, but i got confused as to what happens if the reader has 2 mess up points but they hide and if a reader has none but they don’t hide.

please help

Hi Dara! I need some help with my if/elif/else. How do I use them if I had 6 options! Please help me!

You used NARRATOR 2 times, you just need to put all of the narrator’s dialog into one place.

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thanks for helping me, i’ll help you.

if (first option) {
elif (second option) {
elif (third) {
elif (fourth){
elif (fifth) {
else (last) {
if this doesn’t work (which i don’t know why it wouldn’t), just do if for all of them instead for elif and else.

I’ve got a question about overlay rotation.
So I know how to rotate overlay in place, but it rotates to the right. Is there a way to make it rotate to the left?

I think you have to go negative.

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