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i’ve already read that


You have to add the zone number everytime you use the overlay shifts commands:


If animations aren’t working, try refreshing the page or restarting the app


You’d have to use layers and place the character at a lower layer than the overlay so they will be behind it.

1- HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers
2- A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS


The error message you are getting is because you cannot have a dialogue that is all CAPS. You need to have a period or exclamation point (or any other ending puncuation), otherwise the script thinks the dialogue in all caps is a character name.


Can you show me what you have in your script?


Always make sure that else is always by itself

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Another reminder again:

Please keep in mind that this is my help thread and I run this thread on my own. Thank you.

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i originally had my character cry, then some footstep sounds appear then she’s terrified, and then someone from behind knocks her out. but, this was when I had the choice just after the 2nd choice of options/before the 3rd options. so if the reader has 2 MESS UP points, they will be knocked out. If they don’t, they continue the story. But I got confused as to how this would work if the reader choice the correct option for the 3rd set of choices

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this is a better one

i think the problem is that once the IF part is done, it goes to the 3rd choice

Thank you, can you answer another question?
How do you reset a gain?

Hi again Dara. I’m adding in the background animation correctly, spelling of character is correct. This is the before, during and after.

If that’s what you want and will make you feel more at ease, then I’ll do anything you need babe.

&BG SIENNA is kiss_cheek_give
Thank you

Hi, so i used Dara’s hair and lip script template, and for the next episode, how do i have her keep the same look, like if in episode two she picked to have diva curl hair, how would i get it so she still has diva curl hair in the beginning of chapter three.

I’m having trouble with my dressing game label in my story.


sound juvie_northphilly
@pause for 4
@transition fade out
@pause for 3
@transition iris out
@pause for 4
@transition fade out
@pause for 3
@transition iris out
@transition fade in
@ARDEN spot 1.280 24 253 in zone 2
&ARDEN is idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop
@pan to zone 2
sound schoolbell
&ARDEN is idle_lay_groggy_neutral_loop
Time to rise, my lovely students!
(Ugh, her again.)
&ARDEN stands screen center

label dressing_game

@ARDEN is think_rubchin
(I have to try to impress her…)

choice (OUTFIT) “Fierce” {
@ARDEN exits left
@ARDEN changes into Attitude
@ARDEN enters from left to screen center
ARDEN (talk_neutral)
I hope she doesn’t criticize me.
} “Comfy” {
@ARDEN exits left
@ARDEN changes into Comfy
@ARDEN enters from left to screen center
} “Fancy” {
@ARDEN exits left
@ARDEN changes into Stylish
@ARDEN enters from left to screen center


So after the “if” part, you want them to move on after the 3rd choice instead of going to the 3rd choice?


You cannot reset a gain.


Are you getting any errors or is there a problem?


A character will stay the same through out the rest of your story once you change their appearance, unless you change them back or into something else.


What’s wrong with the label? Are you getting errors?

yeah, so they can’t participate in doing the 3rd choice if they have that amount of mess ups, and then it goes further along the story to a certain point (which kinda brings the reader back to the default storyline)

You will have to put a label after the 3rd choice, then a goto inside the “if” section that leads to that label

if (MESS UP > 1) {
[your scene here]
goto after_third

} else {

[3rd choice here]

label after_third
[continue story here]

ohh. im a lil confused now. How will this code work??