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So I’m adding a character that you name into my story that isn’t the MC so I know I don’t use YOU for the name so what do I use ?

Is it possible to use this character’s name that the reader made for the display name? (I think display is the right term…lol. Like the name above the speech bubble.

If someone can answer ASAP that would be AWESOME!


I know some writers choose a background and say

This is your friend (you can choose any label beside friend. Enemy, devil, love interest, etc.)

Then you have to name the character any name and put

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center

Or something like that
And put

What would you like to call your best friend?

Then put the script template on how you ask a name.

Something like that. This is probably very confusing but I know that’s how some writers do it. Also, the goal is not to put the characters name before the player types the name that they wish.


I know you can zoom in slowly but is it possible to zoom out slowly?
Btw you’ve been a ginourmous help for the story I’m currently writing, you’re amazing!


Sorry for being such a bug, but how do you put an overlay in a specific spot and a zone other than the default zone?
Something I tried to do for example:

EXT. DAD’S HOUSE - DAY with SALE (I uploaded my own overlay)

@SALE scales to numbers

@SALE shifts to numbers

But it always either is not on screen or it stays in it’s default position


You can change the question to something like “What should be this character’s name?” or whatever you want the question/statement to say.

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You’re very welcome! :blush:

Which zoom out did you mean? Zoom out to show the whole background, or zoom out of a spot that you had zoomed into?

To zoom out to show the whole background, the zoom percentage needs to be less than 100%
@zoom on x y to 50% in 3

To zoom out of a spot you had already zoomed in on, just change the percentage back to 100%. So if you zoomed on 180 224 to 390%, do this:
@zoom on 180 224 to 100% in 4
Keep the same x and y numbers.


Check out this guide to using and animation overlays

You need to type in the word “overlay” before the overlay name for those commands:
@overlay SALE scales to …
@overlay SALE shifts to …
Or you can just add the scale and shift coordinates to the background name


Thank you soooooooooo much!


Thank you soo much you don’t even know how helpful you’ve been!


Thanks so much, i had no idea how to do it!!!:heart_eyes:


what dis :no_mouth:


You can’t skip a whole line between an ending bracket and the next choice option.

It needs to look like either of these:

} "Hate it" {


"Hate it" {

Hi! Does anyone have a lipstick, hair & eyebrow template?


INK or limelight?




Eyebrow color or shape, or both?




Hi you help me unexpectedly back in March and I don’t want to bug you but I was editing my previous stories and I made a mistake and deleted the dressing game choices and now I’m trying to put then back but I’m not sure if I’m doing them right because I keep getting an error here’s my script

Later on in the story

And here’s the error


The if/elif/else isn’t meant for choices. To make it easier for you, I have a template for a simple dressing game in the link in my profile.