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You’d probably have to make the overlay yourself or have someone else do it.

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Those are all overlays. You can read through this whole thread to learn how to do this:

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You need to layer your characters. A character at a higher layer will be in front while a character at a lower layer number will be behind.

There are 2 ways to layer your characters:
@CHARACTER moves to layer #
@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # at layer number

@CHARACTER1 is animation AND CHARACTER2 is animation
&CHARACTER1 is animation
@CHARACTER2 is animation

You need to add the book prop to your character:


Okay! That makes sense, but how do I add and remove props, and what’s the book prop’s name?

Omg thank you!

@Dara.Amarie Thank you!

how do you get a character to face the back without it needing to talk?

Can someone help me out?
I’m trying to get a character to drink something and I don’t know how to make it look like the cup is moving with the character’s hand as they drink. If that makes sense…

When I’m spot directing how do I make my characters move without the dialogue and action that is intended for them to do AFTER they walk to a certain spot?
for example in my script my character walks while talk_flirt and it looks awkward but I don’t want to use the @ symbol because it also looks awkward because then my character has delayed reactions
&KRISTEN walks to spot 0.470 102 285 AND KRISTEN faces left
KRISTEN (talk_flirt)
I was wondering where you are…

Can you copy and paste your choice?

@CHARACTER is rear

You need to add the cup prop to your character.

I’m not really understanding? Do you want your character to walk to that spot THEN have her talk?

I’m using an uploaded overlay though…

how do you get a character that’s already in a view?

I’ll check it out! Thank you!

Hey @Dara.Amarie,

I used your template for changing hair and lips for ink. Will the decision be taken automatically into the next episode. If not, how I can do that?