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You can’t have a label right after a scene change. remove the INT. BLACK - DAY

Please take a look at the beginner directing guide. It will tell you how to properly add in animations for characters.

@CHARACTER is animation

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Hi do you have a driving scence?

Hey Dara! 1 more quick question since you’re the expert on this… :hugs:

For Remembering Choices, if you use the ‘name the choice’ method, will it still remember the choice the reader chose in future chapters? I know the gains method does that, but I don’t really like using gains…

It might be a stupid question, but I just wanted to make sure before using it in a story and not have to rewrite everything if that is not the case! ^-^

Yep! It works just like gains and will carry on to future episodes.

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I mean like a scene where the characters are in the car driving on a road (city road loop I think)

Okay looking now!

Since the background moves by itself, just place the car overlay in the scene:

Then also place your character(s) in the scene using spot direction.

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Oooh, Awesome!! This will make things soo much easier, thanks again!! :pray:t2:

How do you have characters walk at the same time, different positions and in a certain amount of time?

Use the & sign for one of the characters, or put them on the same line using “and”

&CHAR1 walks to [spot] in [time]
@CHAR2 walks to [spot] in [time]
@/CHAR1 walks to [spot] in [time] and CHAR2 walks to [spot] in [time]



Can you send me something on remembering choices and choices that can be used in future episodes. I’m not exactly sure how to do it.

HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

How do you make a character move from one side of the screen to the other side of the screen?

If your character is at screen left, make them walk to screen right and vise versa.

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When I’m using spot directing how do I make the characters walk to a place without facing right afterwards?
&JORDAN walks to spot 0.839 156 238 in .5 AND JORDAN does it while talk_rear AND JORDAN faces right
&SOFIA walks to spot 0.749 103 269 in .5 AND SOFIA does it while deepbreath AND SOFIA faces right
in this script after .5 seconds they face right when I want them to continue to do the actions i assigned them

Make them face left after they walk to their spots.

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I was wondering for your character customization templates is there a faster way to than to write
@MOTHER changes into _________
between every line of changing?
Because I know you’re able to write it in the family section but you don’t have one so how am I supposed to do it with a fast method?