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I answered your question already.

I know i’m sorry there was an error and I pressed ok and it resent my question.

How can we make a choice in an episode, then make the characters remember it in other episodes???

HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

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How do you make a color blink. I know you can do
@transition fade out white 6

In order to make it blink do you make it under a second?

Yep, usually something like 0.2 or around there.

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Thank you!

How do I get a character to talk in all caps without the script thinking I’m talking about a character?

You need to have some kind of ending punctuation at the end, like a period, exclamation point, question mark, etc.

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Hi I have a question. Let’s say you want the character(s) facing away from you and walking forward is that possible and also how can you make them face away from you?

To make them face away from the “camera/screen” you need to make them do a rear animation. Then to make them walk while being rear it looks like this:

@CHARACTER walks to [spot] and CHARACTER faces left/right and CHARACTER does it while [rear animation]

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Hey, do you know how to fix this error on my story? Thanks!


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Hey Dara, Overlay question.

I see a lot of stories with posters/ photo frames of episode backgrounds.

Do you have to screen shot a a character from the episode portal then change it to a PNG for an overlay?


For gains, if I have 3 different choices and 3 gains like this

gain orange
gain yellow
gain red

if (orange){
elif (yellow){

Would else be red?

You can screen shot from the portal or from your phone when you test your story, then yes convert it to a png for an overlay.

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Yes, the else would be for the red.