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Any idea?


Please be patient. I’m not on the Forums every single minute. I do have work, also.

Try saving again then refresh the page.

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I’m sorry, :sweat: . I’ll try that. Also, could it be because of the ‘‘BOOK AND PENCIL’’ ?

Yea it the system thinks you’re trying to animate 2 overlays at once. You’ll have to re-upload the overlay and name it something different.

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Thanks again!

Hi! @Dara.Amarie how do you shoot a bullet overlay forward, on the screan
This is my bullet overlay

Shift it and change the scale at the same time to make it appear as though it’s moving forward

&overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in zone # in [time]
@overlay OVERLAY scales to % % in [same time as above]

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Hey, I know how to do the clothing ‘‘game’’ by my own, but back in the days I borrowed your template, now when I wanted to add another clothing to it , I just am too lazy to do the math and see where am I going wrong, because you did it in your own way. What do I need to fix here? Thanks!

You deleted 3 brackets. There needs to be a bracket in front of “Yellow!”, “Cute!”, and “Cupcakes!”

} “Yellow!” {

} “Cute!” {

} “Cupcakes!” {

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Thanks! I tried many times to do that so I did it like that :smiley:

thanks @Dara.Amarie

I need help on the exiting characters… If I write ex. @CHARACTER exits left, it will make the character become bigger until he exits, How can I have a character exiting at the size I want him to? I mean for example, if the character is tiny how am I supposed to make him exit and still be tiny?

You’ll have to make him walk to a spot offscreen with the same scale size, then remove the character

@CHARACTER walks to % x y in [time] THEN remove CHARACTEr

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Hi! I just started writing, and I would like to know how you can make someone run to a spot?

This is my script currently:

@transition fade in black 3

readerMessage Santa Maria, CA.

@HOMELESS 1 spot 0.255 76 203 AND HOMELESS 1 faces right AND HOMELESS 1 is run_athletic

@HOMELESS 2 spot 0.264 322 372 AND HOMELESS 2 faces left AND HOMELESS 2 is walk_offset

@HOMELESS 1 walks to spot 0.211 229 346 AND HOMELESS 1 faces right

@HOMELESS 2 walks to spot 0.230 251 346 AND HOMELESS 2 faces left

I think the problem is in “@HOMELESS walks to spot…”
Thank you already!

got it, and I have a similar question about entering. Y’know that the system wants you to write @CHARACTER enters from screen (ex.screen right) to (ex. screen center). And what if I want the character to be in a specific size while entering and I want him to stand at a specific place?

You place them at a spot offscreen, then make them walk to a spot

@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone #
@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y

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If you want a character to run to a spot, you have to make them walk while doing a running animation

@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in [time] and CHARACTER does it while [run animation]


Oh thank you!