Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

You cannot have an extra space between } the bracket and the second choice “Right.” It should look like:

oh! thank you so much! i haven’t written on the portal in so long i guess i must have forgotten

@Dara.Amarie what is the animation when the female INK character is on the phone and is having a deep breath this would be a great help

For INK and LL it’s listen_phone_sigh

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@Dara.Amarie, is there a way to pan a background slowly while a speech bubble is talking? I’ve seen it in other stories… :thinking:

thanks @amberh.episode

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I found that link so I could fix this problem: LINK

But thank you anyways! :sweat_smile:

My overlay is a closed door . How do I replace the overlay with an open door in the scene?

Use the & sign instead of the @ sign

&pan to zone # in [time]


Just remove the overlay from the scene (@overlay OVERLAY clear) and add the new overlay: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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The name of this thread is DARA’S Official Help Thread

You didn’t reply for an hour and I figured they wanted help ASAP. Won’t happen again.

Hey Dara, can you help me here please?

There are these sisters in my story that argue, called Bella and Clara and they had a mini argument. When I made their dad, I named him CLARA AND BELLAS DAD DANIEL because the readers will be confused why he is telling them off. And his name is Daniel, so I had to really name him that. When I typed these in:

@CLARA AND BELLAS DAD DANIEL enters from right to screen right AND CLARA AND BELLAS DAD DANIEL is run_athletic

It said it wasn’t a valid directing command. The only reason I can think off is that his name is too long, but surely when I made the character it would’ve said that it’s too long, please create a different name. It’s starting to confuse me, nevertheless annoy me. Do you know how I can fix this? Thank you! :blush:

It’s the AND in CLARA AND BELLAS DAD DANIEL thats throwing off the system. It thinks you’re combining two characters.

Just create a character named DANIEL, and change only the display name to “Clara and Bella’s Dad Daniel”

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Can you copy and paste your script instead? (only the scene you’re having troubles with)

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Ok, thank you so much!

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I’m currently writing a story and I was wondering how to move my characters around like i’ve seen in some other stories. For example i’ve seen people enter upside down from the top of the screen, or just drop from the top of the screen. Besides, I was wondering for a specific scene in my story to have the girl crying and falling to her knees, or having her cry and move her bottom half slowly offscreen.

To shift characters around the scene, you need to make your character walk to a spot while doing an animation (any animation that isn’t a walking animation)

@CHARACTER walks to % x y in [time] and CHARACTER faces left/right and CHARACTER does it while [animation]

Thank you! I completely forgot about that.

just a quick question, if I change the default look of a character in a published story, will it be shown live to readers, or will I need to update the story for it to be visible?