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Hi Dara I’m back :wink:
So when somebody chooses what they look like (specifically hair for my case) and I decide to do a flashback and change their hair how do I change the hair back to it’s original look without having the reader choose their hairstyle again?

You’d have to use a duplicate character and change that character’s hair. Then when you’re done with the flashback, just switch back to the main character.

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Perfect! Thank you!!!

Hey, can I ask for help ?

This is my problem, idk how to fix this. I will be very greatful if you help.

In order to move the speech bubbles, do I use the command @speechbubbles? or is there a different command for that?

You have to change their layers. The male character needs to be at a higher layer than the female character: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

This guide will help you: 💭 HOW TO: Spot direct Speech Bubble

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Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot :heart:

Hi, Dara!
I am currently making a story with a scene that requires a certain background to make sense and I’m definitely not an artist. I need the front door of a house with a bright orange sign attached that says “EVICTION NOTICE”. What would be the best way to obtain that?

Also…I think I should probably learn how to make backgrounds, cover art, etc. Do you know any good programs for that?

If you check out the Art Resources section, there are many wonderful people there that are willing to create/edit backgrounds and art for everyone. All you have to do is just ask.

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It says invalid spot “screen position”

Hey! This isn’t really for directing help, but is there any active threads where you can ask an opinion on dialogue? I asked my friend, but i’d love to see an opinion from someone else in the community. :heart:

You can ask or post a thread in the Share Feedback section of the forums. There are a lot of people willing give any type of feedback on your stories.

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“screen position” needs to be a spot on the screen like screen center or screen left

How do you do zones? I want my char to stand in the last zone of the background INT. DUMPY APARTMENT BEDROOM - NIGHT but what’s the command to do it?

@cut to zone #