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So, I put into the script, and they don’t pull out the gun until the zoom-pan is over… how do i make them pull out the gun WHILE it’s panning

Use the & sign, just like in the example I gave above

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oh i didn’t realize i had to put “&zoom on” but i did it and it worked! thank you so much!

Oh I see. Thank you for clarifying!

hiii how is that speech bubble on top of the screen called?

So, I have three chapters published right now and just realized I need to change an outfit in one of them. Will that cause readers to have to reread anything? I’ve heard sometimes changes will do that.

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Are you changing the outfit in the outfit creator or are you editing your script?

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both I guess? I want her in the same outfit just with headphones on. Is there a way to add headphones without creating the outfit in the creator?

If you’re editing your script, then yes your readers will have to reread that chapter when you publish again (if it was the last chapter they were on).

No, the only way to add the headphones is if you add it to the outfit in the outfit creator.



Hey! I’m new to writing and I’m trying to make a scene where two characters are talking.
I’m trying to spot direct the two characters sizes and height, but the only option the direction helper on mobile gives me is change char. I’ve seen people having 3 options (I have two, the change char and the “>” option) but i don’t have the switch tool option?

I’ve seen some authors use a “skip this chapter” kind of thing. Would I be able to do something like that if my readers have already read the previous chapter?

The app has been updated. There are only 2 options now. If you want to size your character, pinch the screen to make them smaller or move 2 fingers away from each other to make them bigger. Then just move them around the screen to move the character to a different spot.


You can, but I don’t think its necessary, because then you will always have a “have you read this chapter” in your first 3 episodes which doesn’t look that great. I don’t think the whole rereading an episode is such a big deal.


thank you!

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perfect! thank you for saving lives everyday

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How do people get all of those animations in their story? is it overlays?

Animations? Are you talking about objects and images moving around? Then yes those are overlays. You can learn about how to use them here: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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yes thank you!