Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

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OMG I’m dense I didn’t even realize. Thank you again! :hugs:

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It’s the overlay name MATURE THEMES AND LANGUAGE. Overlay names cannot have the word “AND” in them because the system only recognizes that word as the “and” command that combines two commands together, so it thinks your trying to combine 2 different commands. You’re gonna have to reupload the overlay and change the name of it without using the word “AND”

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How do you make scenes changes really quickly?

I’ve seen this in stories where the camera is zooming on a particular person, and it’s like the people around them sort of move out of the way while the camera is zooming. How do you do that?

Pause for a certain amount of seconds.

@pause for 0.5

Characters are “walking” to spots at the same time it’s zooming in. They’re doing an animation while they are “walking”.

&CHARACTER walks to [spot] in [time] and CHARACTER faces left/right and CHARACTER does it while [animation]
@zoom on [spot] to % in [time]

Okay, but in some cases it’s like the characters don’t move. They sort of move back in some cases while the camera is zooming on one person.

You mean like they’re shifting out of the way? Yes it’s exactly that. They’re “walking” while doing an animation like “idle” or any other non walking animation.

Okay. So here’s how it’s supposed to look:

&MILEY walks to spot 0.840 23 240 in 3 AND MILEY faces right AND MILEY does it while idle_rear
@zoom on 582 133 to 122% in 4

Yep just like that!

Seems easy!! And another thing, how do I make the characters stand right in front of another character?

you know how to layer

just make the character a higher layer than the one under
if that makes sense

Yes I know how to layer really well.

oh well all you have to do is put the character at a higher layer than the character you want below

Aye Aye, it’s me again. I don’t know why it’s saying this error, it worked when I did this before but now idk.

All background names need to have INT. or EXT.

EXT. FARMERS MARKET OL - DAY with SNIPE to 2.105 -77 84 in zone 1 at layer 1
@transition fade in black
@HARPER changes into Harper_Outfit1
@zoom on 174 423 to 139% in 0
@HARPER enters from left to screen center
@HARPER moves to layer 2
@HARPER is talk_phone_happy_loop

Do you know how I can fix this?
I need Harper behind the Overlay but in preview shes appearing infront of the overlay

Hello. It’s me again.
Could someone tell me how to link my Instagram account into my Story?