Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

I’m so sorry Dara but this is happenin" again!

I’ve already worked it out, but thanks any ways! :blush:

I’d like your advice on my story description. I’m not sure if it’s exactly eye catching, but tell me what I can do to improve upon it so a reader would have a higher chance of clicking on my story!

  • Misread as the lost princess of Aetheria kicks off your wild adventure through time and space. A destiny fueled by lies, a looming evil, and forbidden romance await you. (LGBT+)
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I’m just wondering how you get your character to walk with their back faced to the readers?

Here is my current script…

&PIPER starts laugh_chuckle
@pause for 1
@PIPER faces left AND PIPER starts idle_rear
@pause for 1
@PIPER faces left
@PIPER walks to spot 0.830 152 204 in 3 AND PIPER does it while
@PIPER starts tinker_loop_rear
@pause for 1
@transition fade out black

Thank you! :heart:

Hi, I wanted to ask, if I have put an overlay in the script, and it doesn’t show it on the previewer, is it something I’m doing wrong with the script, or the web previewer?

Honestly? Chelsea, your story description sounds intriguing, I want to learn more!

You need to have dialogue before a choice.

Oh really?! I wasn’t so sure because of the very few reads I have, but I’m glad you like it! (I’m smiling like an idiot lol)

Here’s the link if you want to check it out: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6524977897930752

I’m not so good at writing/story-telling or descriptions, or anything of that sort, sorry. But you can head over to the Share Feedback section and ask around there.

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Make them walk while doing a rear walking animation

@CHARACTER walks to [spot] and CHARACTER faces left/right and CHARACTER does it while [animation]

You probably didn’t add the overlay correctly: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

What does your scipt look like?

So my character has just hugged another character and I’d like for her to move closer to the character without her re doing the hug animation.

I’m not really sure if that makes sense but what I have is:

@CHARACTER spot xyz in 1 AND CHARACTER is hug_rear AND CHARACTER faces left

But when is use this my character ends up doing the hug animation again and also ends up standing once the animation is done.

Hope that makes sense any help please.

PS: I started my own thread too but I’m not sure if many people will see it.

So you want your character to just move but not while walking or doing the hug animation? Just have her do the animation idle or idle_rear whiling walking

@CHARACTER walks to [spot] and CHARACTER faces left/right and CHARACTER does it while idle

Okay I’ll try that.

@cut to zone 1
sound heartbeat
@zoom on 172 439 to 314% in 0
sound car_crash
@transition fade in red in 1
@pause for 0.1
sound firecrackling
@transition fade in red in 1
@transition fade in red in 1
sound scream_female_warped
@overlay FIRE2 create
@transition fade in red in 1
@overlay FIRE2 shifts to 1.280 160 in zone 1
@overlay FIRE2 scales to 0.7 0.7
@overlay FIRE2 opacity 1
@overlay FIRE2 to layer 2
@HUNTRESS3 moves to layer 1
sound gunshots3
@transition fade in red in 1
@pause for 10

It doesn’t work because I don’t want the character to move out of the end position I already put her in I want her to simply slide to the new position with no added animation.

If you want her to hug then move while still being in the last position of the hug animation, then you’d have to make your character into an overlay and shift the overlay

Overlays don’t work well with the background INT. BLACK - NIGHT and INT. WHITE - DAY. You’d have to upload your own black background and use that.

Thanks for the help.

ohhhhhhhhh okay thanks!