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My speechbubble won’t show up! It appears in the previous scene and then just doesn’t show up at all in the next, but I still have to tap and the character does the animation. It doesn’t even show up in the app either. I tried just using speechbubble reset and it still won’t show up! Here’s my script:


The highlighted dialogue is what won’t show up.

Is it a script problem or a glitch? I’m just pretty upset because it’s important to the plot of my story.

The error message I’m getting is "There is a { on line 279 that does not have a matching }"
And my script looks like this:
YOU (think_rubchin)
(What do I think Zoe should do?)
“Forget, it won’t work out” {
YOU (sigh_disappointed)
You should just leave him alone,
It won’t work out.
ZOE (talk_clutchchest_sad_loop)
Oh, I didn’t know you felt like that.
@ZOE is idle
@ZOE -1
readerMessage Zoe -1
ALEXA (react_startled_subtle)
[NAME]! You should know by now!
That’s the last thing you should do!
ALEXA (talk_excited_happy)
I know what to do!
Why don’t you do something at the party?!
“Do something at the party” {
YOU (talk_excited_happy)
I know,
You should do something at the party and maybe get to know him.
ZOE (talk_excited_happy)
Yes! That’s a great idea!
@ZOE +1
readerMesssage Zoe +1
ALEXA (talk_neutral)
So are you sure you have an outfit?
ZOE (think_rubchin)
I think so.
ALEXA (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
Ok then.

You still misspelled readerMessage

Lol I have issues however it still doesn’t work…

Nm I fixed it!!

Hi what animation is this? Thank you

The end of the shush animation

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I have a question! When you are writing and editing your episode chapter and you have officially complete, is there a code or writing i have to use to indicate that the chapter is done? Because I finished a chapter and i ended it using a transition to fade out but it makes it seems its repeating over and over again and I’m scared if I published it, it’ll gonna be like that for the readers… so please help bring clarity in my head! :):grinning:

I hope this kind of answers your question… Usually what I do is @transition fade out black and then cut to the INT. BLACK - DAY background and have it pause for a second while turning off music, or have a little narration box, or anything else.

Okay so, you know how the end of the “shush” animation looks really funny? Well sone people manage to have the animation skip directly to the end of it where a character makes that face, do you know how that works? [ink{

Hi! I have a question, can I use more than one overlay in the same backgroud?And how?Can you give me an example :slight_smile: Thank you :smiley:

Can you copy and paste that scene please?

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The chapter ends on the last line of code you have in your script. There isn’t anything else you need to code.

Can you explain a bit more about what’s wrong when you transition out? And maybe copy and paste your code?

Place a duplicate character offscreen and have them do the shush animation. Then just switch out the main character with the duplicate.


Hello! I’m trying to switch scenes and it’s saying my background doesn’t exist. Do u have any idea why this is happening

Did you check the spelling of your background? There could also be an error with a code that’s before or after the background name.

Thank you soo much :smiley: @Dara.Amarie

How do you lock a choice?