Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

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You’ll need to use spot direction and have your character walk to a spot that’s “forward”: Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)


} else {


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did you find out if you could?


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you must be sick of seeing me :stuck_out_tongue: ha ha ha

How can I get an outfit that the reader picked to be in the next episode?

: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

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Now I am having issues with the bubble placements I have them set up to be in specific spots but once it shows on preview it doesn’t look right.

You need to keep placing the speech bubble spot code before each dialogue.

Make sense, thank you. Sorry for bothering so much.

No worries! I never get bothered, I’m always here to help :wink:

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Hey dara! I was trying to make readers customize the character there playing but theres an error that says that theres no skin tone called Fair Warm.


Anytime you have a character do a rear animation, you need to make them face the opposite way. So if you want her to walk to the right while being rear, you need to actually make her face left.

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can somebody please help? “unexpected dialogue” keeps popping up and i don’t know what’s wrong. this is from dara’s customization template, by the way.


   What do you look like?


} "Eyes" {

goto femlcc_eyes2

} "Eyebrows" {

goto femlcc_brows2

} "Face Shape"{

goto femlcc_face2

} "Nose" {

goto femlcc_nose2

} "Mouth" {

goto femlcc_mouth2

} <PREMIUM> "This is perfect!" {

goto femlcc_end2


Which template did you use? And did you edit it in any way?

i used the “No Skin Tones, Hair Color, or Eye Color” character customization template. i also deleted the hair color choice since I didn’t want it.

That’s why you are getting that error because you deleted the button that leads to the hairstyles, not the hair color. That template already has no hair color options, so there’s no need to edit the template any further.

oh - wow, i’m dumb. thanks for the help! x

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