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@Dara.Amarie I’m getting another error :frowning:

Hi Dara, I’m using your INK female #1 character customization template and it’s throwing errors in the Eyebrow section. It’s saying that the feature names don’t exist.


The label “open_closet” is the very very first thing of the template. Did you not include that part when you copy and pasted the template?

I got it to work. Now I need help with group of people all saying happy birthday at once if possible or something close to it.

Is there a way to get a character to sit in a specific spot WHILE talking (and doing an animation)??

Use spot direction and use a talk_sit animation

But can they talk during the animation of sitting in a specific spot?

You can create a character named “ALL” or “EVERYONE” and have that character talk while the other characters do talking animations.

&CHAR1 is animation and CHAR2 is animation and CHAR3 is animation



&CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # and CHARACTER faces left/right

CHARACTER (talk_sit_animation)

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THANK YOU!!! I got confused for a moment, but I got it!! Thanks x1000

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How would you use the layers if you are using spot directing?

Okay so I’ve seen stories where the zooming does this bounce like effect from one end to the other with characters at the same spot. How do i do it?

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Ok cool. So I’ll just have to do layers correct?

@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # at layer #

Like a curve or an actual bounce?

Just zoom in from one space to another like for example this is not really a bounce but.


@zoom on 150 0 to 318% in 0

@zoom on 109 420 to 318% in 0.5

@zoom on 161 568 to 318% in 0.5

As you can see, the first zoom should take 0 seconds since that is where you start off. The other zooms should take 0.5 seconds or more. Make as much zooms as you want to get the effect you want. When you want to reset it back to normal here is the code;

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0

You may change the seconds as you like for the reset.

This is Dara’s helper thread. She’s runs this on her own. Please don’t post here.


Sorry apologies,

it was just that @Apes posted on my own help thread and I thought it was okay to help out others on others also

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