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I mean with characters. Have you seen in some episodes that they switch the character in the same spot with another character. Just like zooms but with the characters. Many times. Sorry for this explanation. If you don’t understand i will say it properly.

Like a bounce,

You mean like it’s zoomed on a spot, then you zoom cut on another spot without the camera moving?

Nope, this has nothing to do with zooming. For example:
Emma is talking to Martin. And when she looks at Martin. She is seeing another character in the story. How do I do that? With spot directing.

I’m so sorry, I’m not understanding what you mean?

I seriously have no idea what I am doing right :frowning:

The label on line 77 is suppose to be before the Narrator dialogue.

You are a god!

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One time she is seeing Martin and the next time she is seeing Shadow(another character )

But in fast mode

So basically, we see Martin, then for a split second we see Shadow in the same exact spot as martin, then we see Martin again?


Can I even do that?

Of course! Just remove the character martin, spot the character Shadow in the same exact spot as martin, pause for a split second, then remove the Shadow character and replace Martin again.

@MARTIN spot 1.280 220 0 in zone 2 and MARTIN faces left
@pause for a beat

@remove MARTIN
&SHADOW spot 1.280 220 0 in zone 2 and SHADOW faces left
@pause for 0.3

@remove SHADOW
@MARTIN spot 1.280 220 0 in zone 2 and MARTIN faces left

@pause for 0.3 can be however long or short you want the time to be

Thank you. :heart::heart: Love you

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Where do I put the label open_closet and end_closet?

How do I get one character to stand in front of an overlay, like a desk?Capture3

You’d have to use layers: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

Okay, thank you!

So, I’m not really understanding how to do the layers. This is what I have, and it’s not working.