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It might just be my phone but I used that animation in various different ways and it didn’t work at all.

It’s probably the app, so just close it and go back into it. This happens with me a lot, and so I just check the web previewer to see if it’s working and it does.

No, it is still not working but I’ll just stay away from it for now. Thanks anyways.

If it still doesn’t work in the web previewer, then it’s probably something in your script. Can I see what you have before and after that part of your script?

This is around 13 lines that I had when I was working with the animation.
ROSE (talk_think_neutral)
Could have sworn that this was an exit.
@PEARL enters from left to screen left
PEARL (talk_armscrossed_angry_loop)
Are you lost?

&ROSE walks to screen center in zone 2
ROSE (walk_talk_happy_loop)
Wouldn’t I have to have a basic layout of this place to be lost
&PEARL is think_rubchin
PEARL (talk_shrug_neutral)
You must have lived in a world with quite a bit of blame going around.

It can work either way because the character will be performing the action while the dialogue is up or you can do it while the character is walking but personally I like the look of the character performing the act while the dialogue is up.

Hmm are you sure you’re testing it in the previewer and not the app? Because I tested your script and everything is working fine on my end.

@Rune.episode please don’t answer in Dara’s thread :roll_eyes: I certainly hope Dara will help me.

So, Dara, I asked you few days back how many total lines are possible in one chapter, but I forgot to ask you another thing…

  • How many characters can we create per story?
  • How many outfits can we create per story?

Thanks for your answer! :heart:

My previewer doesn’t really like my computer so I can’t check it there.

Sorry, but I thought that this thread was open to everyone’s questions and suggestion unless I am wrong Rune.episode is part of that group. But of course, I can be wrong because I’m kind of new to all of this.

To be honest, I’m not sure if there is a limit. There’s a limit for lines in an episode because it could crash the story/app if it’s too long, but having a lot of characters/outfits doesn’t really affect your story/app so I think that you can have as many characters and outfits as you want. I’ve never worked with a story with THAT many characters/ouftits so I’m not 100% sure.

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If you’re not already using Chrome, I suggest to use that since that browser works best for the web previewer. If you are already using chrome, then you should submit a ticket about the issue, because I had this exact same problem yesterday with a story I’m directing. I had a character do an animation (limelight) and when I tested it in the app, she wasn’t doing anything. I was getting frustrated because the script looked perfect and there was nothing wrong. But then I checked the web previewer and the animation was working fine, it was just the app that was the problem. So it’s important to test your story with both the app and the web previewer.

Oh, thank you, I’ll make sure to switch it up. I haven’t used Chrome in forever and a day.

Thank you. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to need all the luck I can get.

I want my character to come on at the beginning of a new episode with an outfit that my reader chose. So if they chose outfit one I want my character to enter with outfit 1 and if they chose outfit 2 i want my character to enter with outfit 2. I cant tell what ny readers choose. I can tell them before each chapter starts to choose the outfit they chpse last time but i also gotta do hair changes. Surely there is a much smoother way to have a character enter a new outfit in the outfit the reader chose instead of saying "choose the outfit you chose previously’ for each chapter

could someone tell me how please??? (I heard it involves gains but how do i use that)

You can learn all about gains in my guide here! :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s the difference between a redo and goto?

redo is when you want to go back to a label (a label that was already placed) and goto leads to any label

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Hey guys I could use some help!
I want my character to run to a spot then do an action, but they are idle between the running action and the animation. How do I fix this?
(They run, then are idle, then are idle terrified loop)
@NOAH walks to spot 0.994 50 168 in 1 AND NOAH is run_athletic_neutral_loop THEN NOAH is idle_terrified_loop

Use “does it while” instead of “is” for the walking while running animation

@NOAH walks to spot 0.994 50 168 in 1 AND NOAH does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop THEN NOAH is idle_terrified_loop

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