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Help meh please

The word choice only needs to be used once at the beginning for a choice. This is what a basic choice looks like:


“Option 1” {

} “Option 2” {

} “Option 3” {


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thank you!

now i have another problem!

Don’t skip a whole line between an end bracket and the next choice option.

Hey, hope you can help me.
So I was writing the chapter of my story when I clicked on the preview button the usual black screen appeared but above it this was written : Error: libpng error: pngReaderCallback failed
and I’m really worried because I’m in a rush.

And every time I previewed it on the app the characters don’t appear unless I use the directing helper and drag them to the scene. I don’t know what to do :cry:

What’s all the commands for lying on stomach? I can’t see it in behaviours,but I’ve seen some users use the on where they wake up on their stomach.
The only way I can find to put them on their stomach is to faint, offscreen, then cut to them.

The only other one is sleep_uncomfortable. or thats all I know of

I have all of my characters layered and I’m trying to bring another person onset, but they keep going under all of the other layered character eve if I layer them ontop

INT. TEEN SISTER’S BEDROOM - NIGHT with SISTERSBEDNIGHT at -645 -3 1.612 in zone 3 at layer 2

@cut to zone 3

@ROSE spot 1.280 499 282 in zone 3 at layer -1 AND ROSE is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

My character isn’t appearing underneath the blanket ?

If you have to move your character on to the scene, then most likely you have placed your characters in a different zone or placed them at a spot that’s offscreen.

Regarding your web previewer error, do you have any errors or warnings in your script? Have you tried refreshing the page?

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People turn their characters upside down while doing the sleep_lay animations to make it appear as if they are sleeping on their stomachs. To make a character upside down, you have to put a negative in front of the scale size:
@CHARACTER spot -1.280 100 0

When you do this, your character will be in a completely different spot so you’ll have to zoom out to find your character and then move them where you want them to be.

What does your script look like?

The problem is the way you formatted the overlay. It should be to not “at”, and the order should be scale x y

with SISTERSBEDNIGHT to 1.612 -645 -3 in zone 3 at layer 2

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hi, it’s me again so I want to know how do you make someone sit in the INT.CLASSROOMDESK-DAY background?

Try typing in one of these (depends on which one you’d desire):



(P.S. Keep in mind that males are taller)

Hi am having this problem where in my fighting scene it pauses for a very long time to enter zone 2 . And also my characters aren’t doing the animations I told them in zone 2 and also the keep appearing one by one when it’s in zone 2 instead of just standing in their spot during their animations. Can someone help me plse

Just place your character anywhere in the scene. They will automatically be behind the desk overlay. If you want to make them bigger and placed lower down to make it look like their actually sitting accurately, you can use spot direction.

Make sure you’re using the & sign (not the @ sign) when you place your characters in the scene so they won’t appear one by one.

What does your script look like?