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How do we put 2 overlays on one background?

You don’t need to use the if/else for this part. The if/elif/else is usually used for later moments or in different episodes. You should put the dialogue inside the the choices; it’s a lot easier and less complicated.


THANK YOU it worked!!

I’m previewing my story, its at the scene with the background with two overlays and it shows this

Overlays do not work well with the backgrounds INT. BLACK - NIGHT and INT. WHITE - DAY. They become extremely large and can be glitchy at times. You will have to upload your own all black background if you want to use a black background with those overlays.

Ok ty

Thanks so much!

I’m having trouble with my overlay. My error message is saying that it doesn’t exist & I literally copied & pasted the name. What happened?

Can you post a screenshot of your script

The actual error is on line 11. Remove “in zone 2” from that command. If you want your character to walk into zone 2, you need to either pan or cut to that zone.

@pan to zone 2
@cut to zone 2

Ahh thank you!!

Hi, this will be a stupid question lol but how do i end an episode, when it comes up with to be continued blah blah blah then it takes you back to the homescreen, do you know how to do this?

Episode automatically does this for all stories : )

Is there a way to make the screen shake while someone is speaking?

Zoom in at random spot in 0.1 seconds each. Use the & sign and the “then” command

&zoom on ____ in 0.1 THEN zoom on ____ in 0.1 THEN zoom on ____ in 0.1


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haha thank you :slight_smile:

What’s that animation called when the girl is rubbing their upper arm up and down and breathing in an out called ??


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