Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

You didn’t add the zone # for the shift code

oh duh, thank you so much

do you know how to make a zoom go up on a character? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I noticed some of the music selections are “loop” would you happen to know how long the other (non loop) music selections play?

What’s the absolute MAXIMUM quantity of lines we’re allowed to have per episode? Not dialogue, but lines of code.

I’m not really sure what you’re asking? A sound/song will only loop if you use “music”

I believe it goes up to around 30,000 lines

Hey there! How do you use overlays? I’m trying to have two characters sitting behind a desk in the library background INT. PUBLIC LIBRARY - DAY Thanks!:smile:

Hey there! I’m trying to get a character behind an overlay, but it won’t work. Here’s the script if it’ll help::

EXT. JUVIE OLIVER ROW HOME - NIGHT with GARAGECRED1 to 1.084 -172 -46 in zone 2 at layer 2
@cut to zone 2
@pause for 1
@ADDISON moves to layer 0
@ADDISON changes into spy2
@ADDISON spot 1.133 -62 184
@pause for 1
@ADDISON moves to layer 2
@ADDISON walks to spot 1.133 192 164 AND ADDISON does it while run_athletic
You told me the coast was clear!

Here’s an overlay guide made by Dara :heart:

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Good afternoon,
I am trying to have a conversation with my characters with animation of course but I am finding that my characters stay in the same animation until they do something else. So, i have created @character is animation in between which has now caused a delay and the conversation doesn’t seem fluid. Can you help?

Is there a way to do it that they revert back to an idle animation as the other character is talking. I remember using & but it’s giving me script errors when I use it.

You have to place your character first before you layer them. Just add the layer to the spot code

@/ADDISON spot 1.133 -62 in zone 2 at layer 0

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&CHARACTER1 is idle

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I remember working with you before and I must say … YOU ARE AMAZING at this!!! Thank you!

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I have your twins and family member cc template but I am confused. I want the reader to be able to change their character and it affect their twin HOWEVER the twin has a child that I want to change as well. In the event that the reader choose a darker skin color, I need it to affect the father of the child as well. Does that make sense? Would I only need to had that "father on the darker skin colors only?

I wasn’t sure the length of the non-loop music like it only plays for 30 seconds or something like that. Another question I have is, I have a character punching another one. It works out fine but the character receiving the punch for some reason does the animation twice.
&CLARA is punch_jab
@MADDOX SPENCER is punch_receive
@remove Handgun from MADDOX SPENCER

He screamed and dropped his gun, that's when I ran.

&MADDOX SPENCER is idle_wounded

He receives the punch at the correct time and then again after I remove the handgun, what am I doing wrong? I tried placing a pause for 0 just because that has helped with a lot of other problems but doesn’t seem to help this.

@BRIDGET enters from left to screen right AND BRIDGET is run_athletic

&pan BRIDGET to zone 2
@BRIDGET is run_athletic to screen center

@BRIDGET faces left AND BRIDGET is idle_wounded

What am I doing wrong?

it still doesn’t work though,
sorry if this bothers you