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thanks I’ll try.

How would you make the screen shake?

Hi, Dara
I was wondering if it is possible to pan in between zones.
For example, if you have zone 1 and zone 2, how to zoom on something that’s right in between the zones?
I hope you understand what I mean :joy: oh well…

Ok @Dara.Amarie , hey i need help… Ok When you are changing the backround you can do this @transition fade out black 2 and then change the backround… do you know how to change the backround in a more cool way?


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You’d have to play around with zooms. The x coordinate for zone 1 is between 0 and 320, so zoom into a spot thats way over 320. So an example would be: @zoom on 1000 0 to 110% in 0. Save and preview. If it’s still not quite in between the zones, keep changing the number to something even higher.

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how can i make the waitress go behind that counter?

The counter needs to be an overlay

Thanks for the quick reply!However i cant find an overlay that looks like that counter what do i do?Should i find another backround?

Where did you get that background?

From episode life

When you click on a background from that site, it tells you who the creator is. The creator of that background is @miya.episode. She has overlays specifically for those backgrounds on her Instagram. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO GIVE CREDIT TO WHOEVER THE CREATOR IS WHEN YOU USE THEIR BACKGROUNDS.

Thank you so much!Love youuuu

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Sorry for bothering again BUT i have trouble finding the overlays…

Go to @miya.episode’s Instagram account HERE. Click on the link in her bio then click on Backgrounds >> [2018]EDITED >> Overlays

I used a episodelife.com over the shoulders template but even when I changed all the animations, the characters are still idle_rear 🤷🏾

Can you post your script?

As i told you yesterday i was trying to put the waitress behind the counter.I did find the overlay of the counter and i am trying hours now to make the counter stand to the place i want.Have i done sth wrong?