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You wrote bonefire instead of bonfire

Hey Dara,
I was wondering if you could help me.
I’ve seen in some story’s that the characters stand face to face (one person rear) and talk to each other.
But when the person who’s rear speaks, they ‘change’ the direction of the camera, and that person becomes normal and the other one rear… Do you know what I mean?
Well, I’m trying, but I don’t know how to do it in a simple way… ;s


You spelled “bonfire” wrong on line 1530. And you need to add the opacity for the overlay.

This is called Over the Shoulder shots. There are templates for this on EpisodeLife.com

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Can you please help me ? I don’t know what I did wrong / how to fix this? I don’t know what I did different to all my other “choice” scenes :thinking:

Remove the underscore between label and fightalley

To set a label, you must have the word label first then the label name:

label name_of_label

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Oh jeez.So simple :cold_sweat: Thank you so much ! :sparkling_heart:

@zoom on 595 285 to 204% in 0
@CHARACTER stands screen left in zone 2 AND CHARACTER is rear AND CHARACTER moves to layer 0 AND CHARACTER faces right

@pause for 2

@zoom on 320 4 to 106% in 3 AND CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 66 0 in 3 AND CHARACTER is rear AND CHARACTER faces right

@CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is idle_sad

So basically when I put faces right, I save and preview it and the character faces the other way instead. It is so frustrating! I just added the important bits so there are others on the scene.

Thanks! x

Anytime you use a rear animation, you must make your character face the opposite direction of what you want them to face. So if you want your character to be rear and face right, you need to make them face left.

Ok tysm

I am using the EXT. OUTDOOR STREET LOOP - DAY background. I am assuming the loop only happens on the mobile app and not the computer preview section. Anyhow, I am trying to have my two characters walk from zone 1 to zone 3 keeping the same spot. This is what I have and it was working up until I did the @follow character to spot…

&BRIDGET spot 0.902 153 189 AND BRIDGET faces right
@follow BRIDGET spot 0.902 153 189 in zone 3 AND BRIDGET does it while walk_talk_happy
&AARON spot 0.677 138 206 AND AARON faces right
@follow AARON spot 0.677 138 206 in zone 3 AND AARON does it while walk_neutral

What did I do wrong? I need AARON to remain small like a child.

That background is broken and doesn’t loop. Also, the follow command does not work with spots. You will have to make your character walk to zone 3 while panning

&BRIDGET spot 0.902 153 189 in zone 1 AND BRIDGET faces right
&AARON spot 0.677 138 206 in zone 1 AND AARON faces right

&pan to zone 3 in [time]
&AARON walks to spot 0.677 138 206 in zone 3 in [time]
@ BRIDGET walks to spot 0.902 153 189 in zone 3 in [time] AND BRIDGET does it while walk_talk_happy

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You’re a genius!!! Now, BRIDGET now looks like she is walking ON TOP of AARON. Is this a simple readjustment in the spots?

Add layers:

&BRIDGET spot 0.902 153 189 in zone 1 at layer # AND BRIDGET faces right
&AARON spot 0.677 138 206 in zone 1 at layer # AND AARON faces right

The higher the layer, the more in front the character will be. More about layers HERE

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One last question…

Will I need to implement the layers into the panning section or just the section in which you pointed out?

I am saving the layers link you sent me for future reference - THANK YOU!

Just the part I quoted above.

Hey @Dara.Amarie , I need some help with something…

So I’m trying to get my character to enter and then immediately do an animation, but it’s delaying the animation right after she enters the scene. How do I get her to do the animation IMMEDIATELY after she enters?

What does your script look like?


Here @Dara.Amarie

“does it while” should be used for when you want a character to do an animation while walking.

So change “MIA is run_athletic” to “MIA does it while run_athletic”

And also change “THUG does it while shoot_loop” to “THUG is shoot_loop” since he’s only doing the animation and isn’t walking while doing it.