Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]


Alright, thank you! I’ll probably be back later. :sweat_smile:


Don’t get this please help mehhhhh :sob:


Remove “in zone 2” from that command. Pan to zone 2 first, then have your character enter

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Hey, Dara. I need your help. I’m trying to do a remember choice/branching with two outfit choices. I wanted to choose option 1, but i change my mind on previewing option 2. But with the if/elif/else labeling, it goes with option 1 instead of option 2. I don’t know what I did wrong. (Here’s the part of my script where i’m struggling with the branching.)

label dressing_game1
CECILY (think)
(Alright two minutes I have to make a quick outfit choice and make quick adjustments.)
“Poor outfit.” {
@CECILY is tinker_loop_rear
@CECILY is dustoff_loop
@CECILY changes into CECILY_poor
gain POOR
“Veronica from Heathers.” {

@CECILY is tinker_loop_rear
@CECILY is dustoff_loop
@CECILY changes into CECILY_heather

    CECILY (sing_pop_loop)
Got no time to knock, I'm a dead girl walking!!

@CECILY is shiftweight
@zoom on 182 0 to 296% in 2
@zoom on 180 227 to 296% in 2
@zoom on 169 365 to 296% in 2
@CECILY is primp_condescend
@zoom reset
CECILY (think)
(Is this my temporarily disguise?)
“Yes, slay it girl!” {

@CECILY is primp_condescend
“No.” {

goto label dressing_game1
if (POOR) {
@add Hair Brush to CECILY
@CECILY is primp_brush_hair
@CECILY changes hair into Long Curly Hair
@remove Hair Brush from CECILY

elif (HEATHER) {
@add Hair Brush to CECILY
@CECILY is primp_brush_hair
@CECILY changes hair into Suburban Bubble
@pause for a beat
@remove Hair Brush from CECILY
@add Lipstick to CECILY
@CECILY is apply_lipstick
@CECILY changes mouthColor into Ruby Red
@pause for a beat
@remove Lipstick from CECILY




Tysm you’re a literal life-saver!!

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Thank you! Your so good at coding!


So I have an overlay in one scene and it’s working perfectly. A couple scenes later I go back to the same background so I just copy and pasted the overlay placement but I get this message…
“invalid formate to specify overlay animation parameters.”

This is my script:
@overlay 4957460768751616_DESK W COMPUTER shifts to 136 -26 in zone
@overlay 4957460768751616_DESK W COMPUTER scales to 0.874 0.874 in zone 1


You didn’t add the zone # for the shift code


oh duh, thank you so much


do you know how to make a zoom go up on a character? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I noticed some of the music selections are “loop” would you happen to know how long the other (non loop) music selections play?


What’s the absolute MAXIMUM quantity of lines we’re allowed to have per episode? Not dialogue, but lines of code.


I’m not really sure what you’re asking? A sound/song will only loop if you use “music”


I believe it goes up to around 30,000 lines


Hey there! How do you use overlays? I’m trying to have two characters sitting behind a desk in the library background INT. PUBLIC LIBRARY - DAY Thanks!:smile:


Hey there! I’m trying to get a character behind an overlay, but it won’t work. Here’s the script if it’ll help::

EXT. JUVIE OLIVER ROW HOME - NIGHT with GARAGECRED1 to 1.084 -172 -46 in zone 2 at layer 2
@cut to zone 2
@pause for 1
@ADDISON moves to layer 0
@ADDISON changes into spy2
@ADDISON spot 1.133 -62 184
@pause for 1
@ADDISON moves to layer 2
@ADDISON walks to spot 1.133 192 164 AND ADDISON does it while run_athletic
You told me the coast was clear!