Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

Hey! I really need someone’s help, i’m a new author on episode, and there’s 3-4 things i don’t under stand about these

Can you teach me of how to move an overlay, I mean like a moving car, and how to make the driver looking like driving on it?

And also, How can i make 2 dressing games on 1 episode, cause from i have known, it includes gotos and labels. i’ve already tried some examples of the other authors, but the error just keep on appearing, andd from what i gathered, the gotos and labels are also the way, where you can make complex choices (but i ain’t needed it right now) what i need is how to make a 2 dressing games on 1 episode

Oh and last back to overlays again (in which is, the most hardest thing to understand)How could i make an overlay appear?, like it just appears out of nowhere?

I’m sorry for too many questions, I just really needed it…

Btw, i can dm you on instagram, for a proper explanations:grinning:

I could really appreciate someone’s help right now! Thank You!

For a moving car, you have to have a loop background

There’s another way of moving a car… A way of which Dara can answer… as this is her thread :heartpulse:


Well dang.

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I know it is already written somewhere but i don’t find it back it if for a friend of mine she asks: Hey! I have a question to improve my Episode story & would appreciate some serious & helpful answers. Keep in mind, I’ve looked all over YouTube & have found nothing to help me on this topic. How can I make my Main Character’s family look similar to her if I only let the readers customize her, the Main Character? I’m not sure if it automatically does it if I mention in the script that the person next to her is her family member or what, but I’d just like to be sure in case a reader makes the Main Character look drastically different than her family member avatars that I’ve created. I’d be very grateful for your help! Thanks! Xoxo, Riley.

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Everything you need to know about overlays is in this guide: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS
If you want to make a car move, you can use a looping background where the background moves on it’s own to make it appear as if the car is driving. Just place the overlay and character where you want them in the scene. You can find looping background in the art catalog unter the tag “Loop”. Or if you want to use a regular background and have a car overlay and character drive and move, read this guide: 🚗 HOW TO: Drive into / Drive Off the scene with Character inside

To have 2 dressing games in 1 episode, you need to change the label and the goto in the 2nd dressing game. Just add “2” at the end of both. So if the label is “dressing_game1”, then just change it to “dressing_game2”. You will also need to find the goto and change that to match the label.


thanks xxx

Can you please help me with the limelight screen placements. I cant seem to get my character on the screen for the customization process.

Do you have a guide or know of someone who does have one about overlays?

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Thank youuu!

can you please tell me how to lock a chapter?

Put a looping message at the beginning of the episode. To create a looping message, use a label and a goto

label locked

This chapter is temporarily locked.
You will get a free pass when this chapter is ready. 
To leave, tap on the exit button at the top left corner. 

goto locked


Since I completely forgot how to code :sweat:, can I ask how to make a character walk whilst doing another animation instead of the default walking animation?

@CHARACTER walks to [spot] in [time] and CHARACTER faces [direction] and CHARACTER does it while [animation]

No Bella is the one, I dont know if she have the outfit on what the readers want ? Because By me she has her old look ? Or is it like that she has her old outfit on because im the writer?

Did you play through the outfit choice then immediately play the next scene afterwards?

no i dont think so?