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Test your story and play through those scenes. If you just skip around your story and not play through the whole thing then your characters will stay in the outfits they were last in when you last tested it.

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Hi can anyone give me a bigger version of this back ground so that I could put my art scene in it

Just tap on the photo and it will take you to the whole bigger photo where you can save it.

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Hey can anyone tell me what labels do?

A label is a certain spot in your script that you reference. It is used when you want to skip to that section, usually depending on a certain choice you make. When you want to go to that label, you would us a “goto”. So here is an example of how to use a label and a goto

Do you want to go to dinner?

“Yes let’s go!” {

goto dinner_date

} “No, I want to go home” {

goto after_dinner


label dinner_date

#scene for the dinner date goes here#

label after_dinner

#scene for after the dinner date goes here#

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I mean something like this if I wasn’t clear. The character is given the choice to go back to any of the snooping options, and, when she’s done, she can move forward with the story. Is there a way to do that but with only one option allowing you to go back and choose other options?

You’d have to put a label before the choice, and after each option is completed put a goto that leads back to the label to start the choice again. The only option that doesn’t need the goto in it is the last option to move on.

label startover

What do you want to do first?

“Go here” {
[scene for this choice here]
goto startover

} “Go there” {
[scene for this choice here]
goto startover

} “Go somewhere” {
[scene for this choice here]
goto startover

} <GREEN> “I’m done” {

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Okay thank you but now I have another problem. I’m not sure what the problem is here. I’m trying to make a choice that will affect the future, but I don’t know if I’m using gains and if,elif, and else correctly.

Gain names should be short and simple, like “gain call_cherish” and “gain dont_call” and just “gain surprise

Also, the if/elif/else is used for later on, not for inside choices: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

Sorry to keep bothering, but I removed the if elif and else option and shortened the gains, but then this occurs. I’m not quite sure where to fix the issue.

Remove the apostraphe from the word “Dont” in the gain name

You also need to remove the bracket on line 313

Just added these to the main post!

@TYLER spot 0.363 185 399 zone 1 AND TYLER faces right AND TYLER is sit
It’s giving me a error for this…Please help!

I see what i did I for got in zone 1

Idk why it says that NARR is an animation…please help!

I was also wondering how to not show a character’s name in speech bubble. Like it doesn’t show until their name is mentioned in the dialogue

If you want to use the narrator box with your character’s name, it should be:


If you want no name to appear above your character’s speechbubble at first, then want the name to appear later in the story, you will have to use 2 different characters that are exactly the same. Delete the display name for one of them and use that character in the beginning of your story. Then switch to the other character when you want the name to show.