Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

I need fast help, it says Unexpected GOTO: @Dara.Amarie

A goto should always be the last thing inside of a choice.

What does your script look like now

Now its the label done who does it @Dara.Amarie

You need to have something in between the background name and the goto. Like a pause or anything.

Oh Thanks, will check if it works

Sorry, now there a new thing happening

@Dara.Amarie Im sorry i need help all the time can i get help again?

@Dara.Amarie please help

You need ending brackets for the elif and else, also else should be by itself.

if (Dots) {

} elif (Blue) {

} else {


It still desen’t work :frowning:

Ok so what does your script look like now

IT WORKS YAAAAAY Thanks :smiley:

How can I put SCARLETT in front of the counter as she is a customer?

I’m no expert like Dara but maybe change her spot and/or layer? Least that is what I would try.

I try everything before admitting defeat and coming here… LOL LOL

I did try that and it didnt work that’s why i came here LOL :heart_eyes:

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Try @ SCARLETT walks to spot …

Just my guess from when she helped me

Oh my god i tried literally anything i could think of but nothing :sweat_smile::sweat::unamused:

Still nothing?

You need to layer the overlay. And since you want the overlay to already be on the scene it would be a lot easier to add the overlay to the background name.

INT. SUMMER COFFEEHOUSE - DAY with BONFIRE to 1.137 -55 154 at layer 2

You also need to layer the waitress to a layer lower than the overlay.
Also, using “enters from” sets the character at a default layer. You’ll have to place your character offscreen at layer 4 first then have her walk to that spot.

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