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Are you using a transition command? If you want BARM to be in the scene you’ll have to use spot direction and make him walk to a spot instead of entering and exiting the scene.

Instead of using the looping background (because it will look weird going from a loop to a non loop background), just use the non loop static background and have your character enter in the first zone, then make her walk to zone 3.

@CHARACTER enters from left to upscreen left
@follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 3

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You chose the spotlight format when you created your story. You will have to create a whole new story and make sure to choose the cinematic format and not the spotlight format.

I was going to use a transition but even when I wasn’t using anything and just from scene start they still had a delay before walking. I was going to trying having them start off screen as one fluid movement but that wasn’t working out either.

Also (Off topic) when I do playback on web, the story works as written but when I view story from mobile, it’s had glitches. Would you know why?

It’s most likely because you’re probably using @ somewhere where you should be using &

Also if it “glitches” in the app then there’s something you need to fix in your script. It could be because of overlays. Always trust the app over the web previewer. I’d have to see a screenshot of your script to see what the problem is.

Thank you!

Also how would I do that?

I was wondering how to make a character stop at a certain spot on the screen after entering it.

@CHARACTER enters from left/right to position

“position” is a place like screen left or screen center

Or if you’re talking about spot direction:

@CHARACTER enters from left/right to spot % x y

Thank you this is very helpful

Im sorry for bothering you so much but how do you add and remove props

: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

Take a loop at my main post in this thread (the very top post). You’ll find all my guides there.

Thanks for the good comments on the suggestions. I know a lot more.:k[size=1px]ufabet[/size]

Hi, I am getting this error and I am not sure why…?

I am using the points system and followed the guide but I only have an if and else so could that be why the error turned up?

Haha, sorry Dara I just realised what I did wrong :joy:

Do you know what’s wrong with mine? Or not yet?

I answered yours already.

Oh it probably got lost in the chat sorry


The follow command does not work with spots. You’d have to pan to the zone at the same time your character walks if you want the camera to follow your character.

&pan to zone 1 in 1.5
@ MIDNIGHT walks to spot 0.87 275 144 in zone 1 in 1.5