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How do I add a sound effect to the script

I did that and it hasn’t worked

sound schoolbell

This is how i did it

Post a screenshot of your script

I figured it out. Thanks for the help anyways.

Im trying to make my character walk across the screen and have some characters already on the other side when she gets there. How do I have the characters there already?

Place your characters at the beginning of the scene using the & sign not the @ sign.

Hey Dara!
So I have this problem. However I layer my overlays and characters, overlay is always in front of them. No matter if I put it to layer 1, 0 or 4. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

My code:

&overlay INT. COFFEE SHOP STAGE MIC OL - NIGHT shifts to 56 193 in zone 2
&overlay INT. COFFEE SHOP STAGE MIC OL - NIGHT scales to 0.622 0.622
&overlay INT. COFFE SHOP STAGE MIC OL - NIGHT to layer 0
@transition iris in gray
&ALEX stands screen center AND CHRISTINE stands screen center
&ALEX moves to layer 3 AND CHRISTINE moves to layer 4

What does the warning mean, what do I have to do to solve it?

Are you also using “INT. COFFEE SHOP STAGE MIC OL - NIGHT” as the background? If you are, you would have to layer the overlay next to the background name instead of using the overlay animation commands.


Totally off topic but it’s funny because my sister’s name is Christine and her ex husband’s name is Alex lol

Can you click on the warning message so that it takes you to where the problem is at, then screenshot that part of your script

No, it’s not that background, it’s an office one.

Oh my god what are the odds! And I actually made them to go together in next episode! :rofl:

In that case, you’re missing an “E” in COFFEE for the layer command.

&overlay INT. COFFE SHOP STAGE MIC OL - NIGHT to layer 0

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Okay, I will try and let you know if it worked!

how do i add in choices to let the reader pick hair and the color of the hair and also the clothes.

If you go to my very first post in this thread, I have templates for all of those

Totally random question but I’ve heard viewing your own story in the app adds to your reads? Is that true? I’m not sure why it would that seems ridiculous but still heard it and wanted to know.

I did the overlay stuff for Grey Bubble is where the warning thing directed me too.