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Why am I getting a error message?

That’s weird, there should be a yellow triangle on the line of the error. But change “at” to “to” for the layer command

@overlay OVERLAY to layer #

You need to add the character’s name again to make them walk.

@ APRIL walks to spot _____ and APRIL does it while walk_exhausted

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How do you make it that both characters are in the car and the car is moving?
I am using the silver car overlay

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Thank You

Not sure I asked this but my web viewer displays my characters with blonde hair (how I set their character up as) but the app shows brown hair. How do I fix this?

What’s the difference between

@CHARACTER stands screen center
&CHARACTER stands screen center?

There is no difference with those specific commands because those commands don’t have beats.

But to see the difference between & and @ read this: Script Symbols/Commands and What They're Used For

I need Aaron to run_athletic to the same spot but to zone 1 so he doesn’t change size.

&BRIDGET faces left AND BRIDGET exits left
@ AARON spot 0.452 169 271 in zone 1 AND AARON exits left AND AARON is run_athletic

I know the coding is wrong. I need help fixing it.


I’m currently writing an episode on writers portal and I want to preview it on the episode the app (I know there’s the web previewer but it’s not the same.) But when I go to the app the story I’m working on isn’t appearing and I only have 2 other stories on that shelf. Do you know why and what happening?

My phone background with all the overlays isn’t showing but before it did this is what I’m getting (on teh previewer)

There’s a new update where you need to have 3-4 episodes with 400 lines each for it to show up in your playable stories on the app.

Were you zoomed in on the previous scene?

I need to know how to let reader’s skip if they don’t want to re-read a chapter! I have some things I want to add in like splashes and did a little changing on some things a few people pointed out to me!

At the very end of the script add a label:

label end_chapter
@pause for 0

Then at the beginning of your episode add a choice.

Skip the chapter if you’ve already read it. 
“Skip” {
goto end_chapter
} “Don’t skip” {
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thank you and do I just put my story between the don’t skip? I just want to make sure! :slight_smile:

No it’s continue your story after the choice.

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Okay so put nothing in there!? Thank you so much for helping me out!