Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

Why is there this type of error? And how can I fix it? Thank you so much! :smiley:

You left out the word spot in that command

I’m so Sorry I know you have other People But im new to episode so I don’t know that Much but do you know how to zoom out slow?

How do I do the effect where my character disappears. Like a ghost effect? Basically, the @CHARACTER1 is hugging @CHARACTER2 and I need @CHARACTER2 to disappear while they are hugging so @CHARACTER1 was just imagining

@zoom on [same spot you were zoomed in] to 100% in [time]

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: How to "FADE" Characters

Thank you, Dara <3

Thank you! I have another question… When it transitions, the cut happens after the transition. How can I fix that? I want it to transition with the cut already there.


@transition fade in 3

music music_beatboxballad

&cut to zone 2

I knew that this was the beginning of something so special.

@add Coffee Cup To Go to YOU
@add Donut Chocolate to MICHAEL
&YOU spot 1.280 127 -5 in zone 2 AND YOU is sip_cup_neutral_loop AND YOU faces right
&MICHAEL spot 1.280 224 38 in zone 2 AND MICHAEL is eat_food_hand_neutral AND MICHAEL faces left

@pause for a beat

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How to fade-blur backgrounds?

It didn’t work?

Put the cut command before the transition command

Upload the blurred background as an overlay and change the opacity from 0 to 1 in however many seconds you want to make it fade in: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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What are you trying to do? Are you zoomed in at a spot and want to zoom out back to 100% slowly?

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I’m Zoomed at 200%

Yeah i’m zoomed into 200% and I want to zoom out slowly

I did @zoom on 200% to 100% in time

You’re zoomed in at 200% yes but what spot are you zoomed in at? “200%” is the zoom level not a spot.

There should be a code that looks like this when you check the zoom (these are random numbers for example)

@zoom on 155 78 to 200% in 0

The 2 bolded numbers above is the spot you are zoomed in at. So take those 2 numbers and zoom to 100%

@zoom on 155 78 to 100% in [time]

And of course you need to replace [time] with however many seconds you want to zoom out.
So if you want to zoom to 100% in 4 seconds, it would look like this:

@zoom on 155 78 to 100% in 4

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How do you get a character to speak and then a different character do an action at the same time?

&CHARACTER is animation

CHARACTER2 (animation)