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you may have have to do a @cut to zone 2 after your background title

for example:


@cut to zone 2

@ YOU enters from left to screen center AND YOU faces right



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Hey Dara! I’m really desperate for a help and I hope you could help me.

So In this script:

EXT. ABBEY GARDEN - DAY with LAYLA1 to 2.242 80 200 in zone 2 at layer 1 with KARON LAYLA to 1.900 -345 -9 in zone 2 at layer 20
&cut to zone 2
&overlay LAYLA1 shifts to 80 273 in 4

Overlay LAYLA1 shifts to -240 273 instead of 80 273

Do you know how to fix it?


“does it while” is used for walking while doing an animation. So use “does it while” for the entering command.

Are you trying to have your character be rear and be surprised at the same time? That’s not possible. You can only use animations that have “rear” in the name for them to be rear.


You need to add the zone number when you shift your overlay.

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What I want is for my character to run on the scene straight to a spot then kneel but I’m trying to piece her to that point so I can get the final command. Does that make sense?


@CHARACTER enters from left to spot % x y and CHARACTER does it while run_athletic
@CHARACTER is kneel_reach

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Yaaaayyyyyy!! it worked!! thank you so much!!!

also I have another question:
Do you know if there’s a way to make a looping overlay with scaling too and not just shifting? I tried earlier and got an error, I don’t know if it’s my fault or it’s just not possible


You can but you can only use “THEN” not “AND”. So if you’re trying to scale and shift an overlay at the same time and try to loop it hen it won’t work.


That helped but this is what I’m trying to do. I want her to be facing him in the kneeling position… is that possible?


Only if there is a rear kneel animation.


What do you mean?
that was my script that didn’t work ->
&overlay 5935591577485312_LAYLA1 shifts to -320 0 in 3 and overlay 5935591577485312_LAYLA1 scales to 3.448 3.448 in 3 THEN overlay 5935591577485312_LAYLA1 shifts to -361 -754 in 3 THEN overlay 5935591577485312_LAYLA1 shifts to -334 -251 in 3 and overlay 5935591577485312_LAYLA1 scales to 2.494 2.494 in 3 THEN overlay 5935591577485312_LAYLA1 shifts to -331 196 in 3 loop INFINITE times


Like I said you can’t use the “and” command. Looping overlays only works with THEN


Oh okay :frowning:
Thanks a lot for your help!


If I wanted to create an illusion that cops and paramedics were arriving. What section of the animating overlays would I need to look at to rotate red cop light and blue cop light?

Does someone know this?

The rotating section.


And I can do this after the scene started? I want the lights to come in at the end of the scene then I’m fading out.


@overlay Red Cop Light rotates 0 anchor point 1 1 in 5
@overlay Blue Cop Light rotates 0 anchor point 1 1 in 5

Like this?


If you want it at the beginning of the scene then add the overlays next to the background name and then rotate the overlay. If you want it at the end or later in the scene then use the create command


Yes that’s the command