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Frick off body unclear message

LOL its not out yet im making it :joy:


I’m sorry :sweat_smile:

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You can shake the screen by zooming in at random spots in the span of 0.1 seconds each

@zoom on ____ in 0.1
@zoom on ____ in 0.1
@zoom on ____ in 0.1
@zoom on ____ in 0.1
@zoom on ____ in 0.1

Or you can have the zooms on the same line using THEN if you want to shake the screen while another command is happening:

&zoom on ____ in 0.1 THEN zoom on ____ in 0.1 THEN zoom on ____ in 0.1 THEN zoom on ____ in 0.1

If you want to use colorful transitions for an effect, you can transition in red/orange/yellow in less than 1 second to get that effect: What transitions are there?

Once you add a prop to a character, the prop will continue to stay on that character the whole time until you remove the prop.

Oh ok thank you for telling me that :grin:

What am I changing in the script?

You need to change “BACKGROUND” to an actual background name

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It’s giving me an error for the @pause for 3 command.

Saying "Unexpected sequence: You cannot use a director command (starting with @) here

Never mind found my error! … for now


So I have the hand overlay in after the customization. Now when you finalize your selection the remaining of my story now shows on the cell phone. How do I get it to GO BACK to the story to finish?

Although I like how it did that – I may never figure it out again but it don’t fit here. LOL

Change the scene again or just remove the overlay

@overlay OVERLAY clear

@overlay [name of overlay right?] clear?

It’s the selfie female overlay


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Okay, I thought I understood it.

What was the background you had before the choice? Just switch back to that background. Otherwise you’ll have to use if/elif/else to remove each individual overlay


That was the scene leading up to the customization and overlay selection

after the @ BRIDGET faces left AND BRIDGET is idle_wounded THAT’S WHEN she says you have the wrong girl.

Switch back to that background and place your characters where they were right before the customization

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So while you are here. LOL yes taking advantage

I know that what is right on the web portal is not always right on the app with that being said…


@BRIDGET changes hair into High Ponytail
@BRIDGET changes into BRIDGET_default

3 months earlier

@transition fade out in 2


&BRIDGET spot 1.559 74 -239 AND BRIDGET faces right
@TYLER spot 1.514 252 -205 AND TYLER faces left

@transition fade in 2

BRIDGET does not show until after the second character says his first line.