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Yes, I will send you it though Instagram.

Edit : Update, it works on my phone x-x . . . lel . . . Thank you again !

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Can you dumb down layers for me?

I want a character to walk through the background while my main characters are in front.

I know the layers are -5…0…5 but can’t remember which is in front or behind.

Positive is in front, negative is behind

So if I wanted a character to enter the screen

@KATIE enters from right to screen center to layer 5 in -4

How would I word that?

I realized I jacked it all up.

Erm… idk that part. I just know the positive and negative layers. Sorry!!

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Try making her idle in the beginning.

A higher layer number is in front and a lower layer number is behind. Positive doesn’t mean in front and negative doesn’t mean behind.

Hello! In This Scene I’m Trying To Make A Character Talk While They’re Offscreen And Make It Seem Like They’re Throwing A Pillow (At “YOU”). When Using This Script I Don’t Encounter Any Errors, But The Pillow Seems To Show Up After The Dialogue. I Don’t Want The Pillow To Come In Too Fast, But I Want It To Be At The Same Time As The Dialogue. I Hope You Can Help Me :]


INT. HOME BED with COMPUTER DESK in zone 3 with PILLOW to -120 192 0.474 in zone 3
&cut to zone 3
&SISTER stands offscreen right AND SISTER is idle AND YOU1 stands offscreen left AND YOU1 is disappointed AND YOU spot 1.280 171 -119 in zone 3 AND YOU faces left AND YOU is eyes_closed
@speechbubble is 160 340 to 100% with tail_top_left
@YOU1 becomes YOU
@pause for 3
&overlay PILLOW shifts to 111 192 in zone 3 in 3
&overlay PILLOW scales to 0.474 0.474 in zone 3 in 3
SISTER (idle)
@speechbubble reset
#Bedroom Scene
YOU (talk_sit_sheepish)
Can I just finish writing this scene?

*Thank You In Advance <3

Okay so I have her in the spot and layer I need but now she just shows up in the scene in position walking in place.

&BRIDGET is idle_sad

@KATIE changes into KATIE_waitress

@KATIE spot 0.911 164 243 AND KATIE moves to layer -5

@KATIE walks to spot 0.911 164 243 in 4

I’m in zone 1 doing my scene so I would need KATIE in zone 2 respectfully then walk into the scene from the right

Isn’t that the same numbers as the first spot?

Yes but I am trying to start her OFFSCREEN and then walk to the same spot and layer on my ACTIVE screen.


I’ve been wanting to do a moving intro for awhile like adrenaline do you know how to do it?

Thanks, @Dara.Amarie for the guide​:grinning::grinning::grinning:.

Thank you so much

Thank you dara, but what I mean is the effect when it pings up and down, how do I do that?

Moving intros are all overlays and overlay animations: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

Do you mean when each text message pops up?

Here is an example of how that’s done:

&overlay TEXT create
&overlay TEXT shifts to 50 380 in 0
&overlay TEXT scales to 0.6 0.6 in 0
&overlay TEXT opacity 1 in 0
@overlay TEXT scales to 0.7 0.7 in 0.3 using easebounceout

This format is incorrect. The scale should be first: with PILLOW to 0.474 -120 192 in zone 3

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Add the zone to the spot:

@KATIE spot 0.911 164 243 in zone 2 at layer -5

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