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Okay, I’ll do that. Thanks!

hi Dara! Me again lmao
I’m trying to create overlays and i’ve checked out your thread but they still dont appear.
this is the script:

@overlay OLSCEN1 create
@overlay OLSCEN1 opacity 1 in 0
@overlay OLSCEN1 shifts to -12 -129 in zone 2 in 0
@overlay OLSCEN1 scales to 0.449 0.449 in 0
@overlay OLSCEN1 clear
@overlay OLSCEN2 create
@overlay OLSCEN2 opacity 1 in 0
@overlay OLSCEN2 shifts to -12 129 in zone 2 in 0
@overlay OLSCEN2 scales to 0.449 0.449
@overlay OLSCEN2 clear

Because you’re clearing them. This command removes the overlay.

Thank you, shouldve thought about that

Hiya, I need some help with choices, this is my first story so I am still very confused.


Here is the full choices thing from the start.


“christian_girlfriend” {

Trouble in Paradise?

Wouldn't that make you happy?

} “Oh, I liked her.” {

I liked her!

I didn't.


choice (christian_girlfriend)
"Is it because of me?" {

Is it because of your undying obsession with me?

Ah yes, I have always loved you Ella!

} “I knew it wouldn’t last”{

Of course it didn't last, nothing ever does with you. 

} “She never did fit in” {

She doesn't fit in with our crowd anyway. 

I suppose so. 


if (christian_girlfriend is “Oh, I liked her.”) {

Yeah, I was trying to be nice. 

No you weren't, I can see right through you. 

} elif (christian_girlfriend is “Is it because of me?”) {

Quit joking around Christian!

} else {

Well at least now you are a bachelor!


Okay, so I know how to make like the hole line of what the Character is saying a different color other then black. But what I don’t know how to do is make just one word a color, make them bold, underline them, make them flash! Can someone help me with that?

Never mind, I got it. :slight_smile:

LOL New question one someone has sometime, I had someone point out that sometimes my Characters leave the scene and walk really fast. How do I slow them down? :slight_smile:

Oh I don’t want her behind it. I finally have it figured out.

Although now I want to play sound

I’ve chosen a music sound then at the end I want a regular sound.

How do I stop music for the sound but not have the music cut off short. How can I have it kind of go down then the sound happens. I hope you understand that. I started to confuse myself.

you just have to put a time on it. @CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in T (T) = seconds. I think you can even do it @CHARACTER enters from left to screen center in 3

Try that and see if it works.

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In some stories, there are choices where if the reader chooses them, it’ll have an effect on the story line. How would I do that? Is that called branching choices? I don’t know how to explain it.

Can check out this thread: HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)
Also, the point system is good to know: The Points System

So I just put at the end “in number of seconds”
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Okay. Well I have this choice where the reader has to choose if they want the character to listen in on a conversation or don’t eavesdrop. It the reader wants to the character to listen in on a conversation how would I do? Would I use the if/elif/else choices?

Generic example:
@CHAR walks to spot S X Y in T

An example:
@CHAR walks to spot 0.900 50 90 in 3

=3 is the number of seconds it takes for them to walk to that position; it doesn’t have to be 3, can be any number of seconds-4, 5, 6, etc.

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Thank you.
Hey are you on your way? | underline , color:blue | I overslept again!! | reset | (why is it saying this is wrung?)

generally yes. the higher the number the slower they walk

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

Try this instead:
Hey are you on your way? |underline, color:blue| I overslept again |reset, no-space|!!

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

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