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If you want a character to do an animtion without talking it looks like this: @CHARACTER is animation

CHARACTER (animation) is only used for dialogue.

Also, the “s” in sound needs to be lower case on line 98

It now says this

Heyo! Do you have a template that only has Skintone, Lip, and Hairstyle? Thanks!

it should be @AYLA is dustoff_loop

The word animation is suppose to be replaced with the actual animation name, and don’t wrap parentheses around it.

@AYLA is dustoff_loop

You need dialogue before a choice.

thank you x

So I have been trying to fix this on my own but I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Script issue

Help Please!

Where’s the problem?

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Oh sorry the hug part. BRIDGET is already in the hug THEN TYLER goes in for the hug. I thought there was a way they both go in so it looks more natural?

You can do

&BRIDGET is animation
@TYLER is animation

Okay so what do I do then if I want them to remain hugging when TYLER says his line? Because that fixed them going in together but then it cuts TYLER short to say his line now that he’s changed to @ instead of &.

They should stay the same…

This is what I’m talking about.


I’m not sure then. @Dara.Amarie
I really only knew the & and @ part. Sorry!!

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It’s okay love. Thank you!

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Need some help, i don’t know what’s wrong!!
Error says, unexpected choice.