Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

Unfortunately, that loop background has not worked for years now. You’ll have to find another looping background to use.

That’s too bad, thank you though!

How do you make a character walk backwards?
Like I have this;

&YOUNG KESY faces left AND YOUNG KESY walks to spot 0.318 306 342 in 2

but on the previewer it doesn’t show it like that.

I accidently stumbled upon how to do it by using this technique. I don’t think it works with & symbol.
@YOUNG KESY walks to spot 0.318 306 in 2 and YOUNG KESY faces left

The walking command goes first. & or @ works.

&YOUNG KESY walks to spot 0.318 306 342 in 2 and YOUNG KESY faces left


Aye Dara.

I tried to use a script template for my characters to be face to face for some reason they are rear before they talk.
Even when I make them turn faces left or right.

For exemples:

@ASSIA spot 2.680 80 -663 in zone 1 at layer -1 AND ASSIA faces right
@CALYPSO spot 2.680 255 -663 in zone 3 at layer -1 AND CALYPSO faces left
@ASSIA spot 2.680 80 -663 in zone 1 at layer -1 AND ASSIA faces right

Have you tried adding the AND CHAR starts idle command to them? :thinking:

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Yup. Still going cray cray

Actually it’s worst when I do that. The char starts shaking like they have a bad diarrhoea

I noticed they’re both in different zones (but maybe that was intentional)

You have written ASSIA twice with the same coordinates- remove the second one with her : )

It’s because I have to in my script.

I changed the camera POV then I changed it again so I have to put the same spot several times

Oh my bad…:sweat_smile:

You can also try CHAR is idle for all of them :thinking:

Maybe even switch out @ with &

It’s all about experimentation :smile:

Same T_T

You may need to post more of your script :thinking:

Hopefully everything gets solved ^^

Good luck! :heart:

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Are you using the over the shoulder template? Can you post a screenshot of your script? It’s hard to work with just examples.

A friendly reminder:

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Oops, my bad!

My sincerest apologies, I will make sure this doesn’t ever happen again :heart:

That was very wrong of me to do :sweat_smile:

Again, sorry and have a nice day : )

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Thank you kindly

When I use ur limited character customization template (INK female, no skin tone, hair color, or eye color) it gives a warning saying “the label ‘femlcc_custom11’ does not exist”?

You either deleted the label or didn’t copy the entire template. That label is the very first thing of the template.