Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]


I know this probably out of topic and I know this must’ve been a lot for you to help others out with their script problems. @Dara.Amarie Do you ever have a break in between times or what?

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Add “in 0” at the end of the filter command


What do you mean?


I took a break for 2 days over the weekend for Labor Day and ended up with over 20 DM’s on IG and over 100 notifications on here haha :exploding_head:

I work during the day and I always have the Forums open as I’m doing my work, so I’m constantly switching back and forth between directing and helping people. I do take breaks in between, and I’m also not on the forums 24/7, and there are times where there goes an hour or 2 without anyone asking for help so that’s my break lol

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@set hsl 5 -50 8 colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100% in 0


Thank you so much!! It worked im so relieved. Also, how do I set it back to normal when I’m done?


Like get it back to normal colors and the scene it used to be?


@reset hsl in 0


Can you tell me which order to put these in cuz its not working?:
@transition fade in white 5
@reset hsl in 0

@IGOR stands screen right and SKYLAR stands screen center and JACK stands screen left
@IGOR faces left and SKYLAR faces left and JACK faces right


Also is there a gift prop in episode limelight? Cuz I want a character to give a gift and another to take.


The transition should be out not in.

And no there isn’t a gift prop unfortunately


Ok thank you so much it worked!! :relaxed:


help please, “Jayden” enters from behind 2 characters in the back, ive tried everything i know.


Damn, that is a lot. 20 DM’s and over 100 notifications on here is too much to even handle. I mean, I can’t handle that but overall you’re doing an amazing job by taking your times to help each and everyone else.

Although there is other helps they can get by reading the guide, going on YouTube (Joseph Evans) or people Instagram (google drive) that have templates, directing, coding, etc that they need to each take their time to read it thoroughly. It’s hard which I can understand them. But once again, thanks for the help and what you’ve done for everyone.


Hi, I’m struggling with getting my characters on screen…
I need 8 people in the mall, and I have some trouble to put them in a right place.
Also the walking afterwards isn’t really smooth.
Can you help?


hi i was wondering if you know how to get the zoom to start from the bottom of a character and an up to there head x


1- Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)
2- Spot Walking (Walking w/Spot Direction)

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Hi can I request a overlay?


This is not a overlays requests. Unless you’re asking for help in your overlay script.